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How to Unlock Scar’s Story in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Are you prepared?

by Matt Vatankhah

Gameloft’s whimsical life-sim adventure game, Disney Dreamlight Valley, is about to receive its first major content update on October 19, 2022. With a brand new Star Path, the introduction of The Lion King’s Scar, and tons of other surprises, players have a lot to look forward to in the free content patch. For those out there that actually wish to befriend the lion that undoubtedly scarred our childhoods, well, we’ll explain how to do that below. Can’t promise we won’t judge you, though. Here’s how to unlock Scar’s Story in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Image via Gameloft

How To Unlock Scar’s Story in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scar’s Story is a continuation of the main storyline in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Therefore, you’ll need to have some prerequisites completed before being able to enjoy his story arc. According to Gameloft, players must first complete the following:

  • Unlock the Sunlit Plateau
  • Complete “The Curse” quest
  • Repair the Pillar of Friendship
  • Repair the Pillar of Courage
  • Repair the Pillar of Trust
  • Repair the Pillar of Power

If you choose to have Scar live in your village, it’s likely that the Sunlit Plateau will be his preferred homestead location. If you haven’t met the requirements just yet, you’ve still got some time before the content update releases on October 19.

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Be Prepared.. For Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 1

Gameloft has some recommendations on preparing for a seamless update process when the content patch releases. According to the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter page:

  • BEFORE Updating Your Game
    • “Save your game. Users should save to the Cloud while being connected to the internet. Afterward, close your game completely.”
      • “If you run into issues Cloud saving, please try again!”
    • “Update your game! Do not play offline while this completes.”
  • AFTER Updating Your Game
    • “After the game has updated, load the game, and save immediately before progressing. If using cross-save, we recommend opening the game on one device, saving and closing, and then opening your other devices and repeating this process.”

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