How to Make Scrambled Eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You won't be scrambling to make eggs for much longer

Flashy 5-star cooking recipes see a lot of love in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but we all have to start somewhere in the kitchen, and scrambled eggs are as good a place as any. Not only is it a 2-star recipe that is easy to prepare, you can do so relatively early into the game after playing for only a few hours. Here’s how to make scrambled eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Cook Scrambled Eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The number of ingredients needed for a dish is related to its star rating, so in the case of scrambled eggs, you will only need two. As you might already think, one egg is necessary, but you’ll also have to acquire one cheese. After that, all that’s left is to cook it!

Finding the Ingredients for Scrambled Eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Conveniently, both of the required ingredients can be found in the same place. As long as you have some Star Coins saved up and completed Remy’s storyline, which unlocks Chez Remy. You can find specifics about them below:

  • Egg – Visit Chez Remy and you can purchase eggs for 240 Star Coins.
  • Cheese – Like eggs, you can buy them from Chez Remy for 180 Star Coins.

The recipe is cheap and can be completed rather quickly, so don’t expect to get rich selling it. However, you can use the dish as a method to raise a random resident’s friendship level. Higher-level recipes work better as you get further into the game, but early on this one can be quite effective.

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