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Dawn Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide

by Ginny Woo

Every experienced Trainer in Pokemon Sword and Shield knows at this point that not every Pokemon can level up just by bashing through a million other opponents in the wild. Yes, some need a little help or special circumstances, like Yamask and its absurd HP requirements, and others need elemental or evolution stones. Check out our Dawn Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield guide for tips on which Pokemon need this precious stone to evolve, and how to get your hands on one. 

Dawn Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide

If you’re wanting to know what Pokemon in Game Freaks’ latest actually benefit from the Dawn Stone, well, we can help. We’ve listed them below, as well as where to find them in the games:

  1. Snorunt – Route 8
  2. Kirlia – Wild Area via evolution from Ralts

If you’ve got a vested interest in evolving either a Kirlia or a Snorunt, then you’re in luck. You’ll need to get your paws on a Dawn Stone, and we’ve got the answers when it comes to finding one. Just like pretty much every other rare item or evolutionary stone, you can actually pick one up from the Digging Duo who are hanging around Bridge Field. If you pay them in Watts, they’ll be sure to scrape something up in their travels which may or may not eventually end up being a Dawn Stone.

However, if you want better chances of making sure that any effort you’re putting in actually results in an evolution stone of some kind, then you’re going to want to make for the Lake of Outrage. You might remember from previous travels here that there’s a bunch of giant rocks just kicking around. Under each one, you’ll actually be able to find an evolutionary stone of some kind, though it may not necessarily be a Dawn Stone. These respawn every once in a while so if you don’t get a Dawn Stone on your first try, just come back again later to loot Galarian Stonehenge. 

Now that you have our Dawn Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield guide to hand, you should be able to net yourself one no problem and rock up to the next schoolyard fight with your Froslass and Gallade ready to kick butt. Need help with anything else in Galar? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together:

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