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Flame Orb Pokemon Sword and Shield Location

by Ginny Woo

There’s a bunch of cool items in Pokemon Sword and Shield, though it may not be immediately apparent as to how you might want to use them. Whether it’s a Ball that actually makes catching Pokemon harder, or an item that inflicts a negative condition upon the holder, well. There’s a little something for everyone. Here’s our guide on the Flame Orb Pokemon Sword and Shield location and what the item’s for.

Flame Orb Pokemon Sword and Shield Location

If you’re wondering where you can find this mysterious Flame Orb while you’re kicking around Galar, the answer is that it’s definitely gonna be from a familiar face. We’re talking the erstwhile Ball Guy! Once you’ve finished the game, running in to him will net you more than just, well, balls. You’ll also be able to get random items that are useful, including the Flame Orb.

The Flame Orb’s purpose is pretty simple – it burns. If your Pokemon is holding it, it gets the Burn effect, affecting both your HP and your effectiveness with physical moves. Yeah, it doesn’t actually sound like a whole heap of fun. However, the point isn’t that Flame Orb should be kept on you, unless your Pokemon has the Guts ability which means that a status effect makes its attack go up by 50%. 

The whole point of Flame Orb is likely to get it onto your opponent’s Pokemon. If someone on your team knows Trick, this is likely the easiest way – that’ll ensure that it’s someone else suffering from the Burn and the reduced Attack effectiveness instead of one of your beloved mates. Adding something like a Reuniclus to your team is a good way to make this strategy work, since the Pokemon can also have Magic Guard which will stop it from accruing any Burn damage onto itself while it sets up for that move. 

Now that you know the location of the Flame Orb in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can pick up one for yourself if the Ball Guy’s god is a merciful and generous one. Need a hand with anything else in Galar? Check out our guides on the following:

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