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Best Ways to Farm Gold in Halls of Torment

Gold fever imminent.

Farming Gold in Halls of Torment might seem more daunting than the Halls themselves at first. Everything seems so pricy, but there is a way to make things easier for yourself. Here are the best ways to Farm Gold in Halls of Torment.

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Fastest Ways to Get Gold in Halls of Torment

when farming gold in Halls of Torment, I’ll let you in on a little secret that is of crucial importance to further your gold-hoarding agenda:

There is a Blessing that increases your Gold Gain by 50% (you need to buy it 5 times, each time getting a 10% increase). You do not have it when you first start playing Halls of Torment, but it can be unlocked by beating 50 Elites. Remember that this Blessing costs a lot to max out, but I assure you it’s worth it because, in a rogue-lite game like this, all of your runs are an investment for the future until you 100% the game.

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And now, the two methods of gold farming that I am using in Halls of Torment:

Passive (AFK) Gold Farming in Halls of Torment

As I write these lines, I am farming Gold in the background with a Turret Build for Archer. The build is designed so that Archer is not supposed to move (a lot) during the run because playing the same levels over and over for 30 minutes can become tedious. I got 4600 Gold like this on Stage 1, which isn’t bad at all.

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Here is the screenshot of the build below:

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  • Head: Wind Crown
    (to unlock it, finish the Untouchable quest for ArcherDo not get hit for the first 3 minutes)
  • Neck: Collar of Confidence
    (to unlock it, finish the Confidence quest for ArcherEnter the Halls of Torment 20 times and survive for at least 5 minutes.)
  • Ring 1: Wooden Ring
    (starter item)
  • Ring 2: Copper Ring (swap for Guiding Star when you get it)
    (Copper Ring is a starter item, and you can unlock Guiding Star by finishing the Forward Evermore quest for ArcherWalk 100 000 meters.)
  • Chest: Hunter’s Garb
    (to unlock it, finish the Taking Aim quest for ArcherWait for 180 seconds before you start moving. You must move in order to complete the quest.
  • Feet: Pace Setter
    (to unlock it, finish the Fragile Stamina quest in Halls of Torment.)
  • Hands: Hunting Gloves
    (to unlock it, finish the Piercing Through quest for Archer – Kill 20,000 enemies in one run.)

The idea behind this build is to do something else (hopefully productive) while Gold is being farmed. You only have to click the level-up stuff and fight the final boss. In the Menu, go to Settings and turn off the “Pause when Focus Lost” if you plan on doing something else on your computer, and of course, leave auto-aim and auto-fire ON.

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Active Gold Farming in Halls of Torment

If you’re still enthusiastic about farming actively, I would suggest you pay a visit to the Forgotten Viaduct (Stage 3) because of the simplicity of the level design. In this farming endeavor, the aim is to go up and down the bridge, destroying every crate you spot.

Crates often contain smaller or more considerable amounts of Gold. Once you meet the immortal ghost legion, turn around and run to the other end of the bridge. I advise going to Stage 3 for this process because it’s known where the crates will spawn, and you won’t waste time looking for them. They’re always near the top or bottom edge of the bridge. The build itself is irrelevant; pick your favorite character and enjoy yourself. Also, if you spot a turbo golden ooze, follow it, as it will spill out gold behind it.

That’s all there is to it. Hard work and commitment are required to earn a lot of Gold in Halls of Torment. It ain’t abuse-prone like Vampire Survivors. Make sure to check out stuff like Halls of Torment character tier list: best characters ranked and Halls of Torment vs. Vampire Survivors: differences and similarities here at Prima Games if you want to read more about HoT.

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