Best Warrior Gods in SMITE (2023)

Is it time for "Warriors, come out and play" joke yet?

SMITE’s Warrior class is designed to offer a decent mix of damage output (DPS) and tankiness. Warriors, unlike damage-focused Hunters and Crowd Control-focused Guardians, seek to stay alive while still inflicting respectable damage to the enemies. And most of them have a pretty decent Crowd Control ability, too! On the surface, this appears to make them decent – but not outstanding – fighters. Their Ultimate skills, on the other hand, help them excel in any match.

Top 5 Best Warrior Gods in SMITE

There are currently 19 Warriors in SMITE and they are the least represented Class. However, after looking at the complete list, we deem that every Warrior excels in certain department and it was still very difficult to select five of them for this list. In other words, the 14 that do not make it all deserve a spot on the Honorable Mentions list in one way or another.


“Get to the Chacca!”

Chaac, the Mayan God of Rain, has a kit that focuses on inflicting as much damage as possible to as many enemies as possible. His preference for area-of-effect assaults makes him an ideal opponent for mobs or even groups of Gods.

  • Chaac can optimize his rotation with his Overflow (Passive), as his next ability costs no Mana and has a two-second CD Reduction after five successful Basic Attacks.
  • Thunder Strike (First Ability) allows him to toss his axe ahead, causing damage to everything in its path.
    Before returning to him, the axe rests for five seconds (indicated visually).
  • Torment (Second Ability) is an AoE strike that harms foes around him while also providing Protections. If you have your axe thrown out, you will teleport to its location, making this an at-will movement ability.
  • Rain Dance (Third Ability) summons rain, which heals him and slows foes down. If you have your axe thrown out, the rain shows up around the axe’s location as well, which can be a great detriment to enemy’s movement.
  • Storm Call (Ultimate) allows Chaac to charge his axe for a short time before releasing a powerful lightning blast.
    This attack deals not just AoE around him, but also knocks up and silences everyone he hits. During the channeling stage, Chaac has damage mitigation as well as complete immunity to crowd control. Our advice is to try playing this ability after a Blink as we’ve always had fun by running that combo.

Storm Call has all of the characteristics of a superb Warriors Ultimate and is one of the reasons it put Chaac on this list.
Its base damage is high, but it also provides knock-ups and silences your nearby adversaries.

As a result of this, Chaac can use it to either end or start a team fight, providing the team a significant advantage. It can also be used as a means of escape, especially when surrounded. When used correctly, its 50% mitigation and Crowd Control immunity can save his life!


“Roma Invicta!”

Anyone who has played SMITE for a long time could probably remember Bellona from when she was first introduced to the game. She was seriously regarded as the most overpowered addition as she couldn’t be killed easily and also dealt massive quantities of damage. She’s a “little bit” “nerfed” these days (quotation marks are there for a small comical relief since she can still use her combos to obliterate a squishy enemy as if she were an Assassin, given the right circumstances), but she’s still a formidable Warrior that sees a LOT of play.

Her attack types fluctuate based on which weapon she’s wielding at the moment, since each provides different perks. She is perhaps one of the most straightforward Warriors for newcomers to grasp, so here’s a bit of info on how she functions:

  • Bellona’s Master of War (Passive) gives her Protections and Movement Speed increases while she is giving or taking damage. This goes hand in hand with her other combat talents.
  • Shield Bash (First Ability) is a simple forward assault (a short Dash) that slows opponents and grants her a stack of Block for each enemy God hit. Bellona then makes Basic Attacks with her sword and shield until she has not taken or dealt damage in the last 7s. Every three successful Basic Attacks she gains another Stack of block (max. 3).
  • Bludgeon (Second Ability) is a whirling move that deals greater damage the more people it hits, making it Bellona’s main source of damage. If aimed well, it hurts well. She now makes Basic Attacks with her hammer until she has not taken or dealt damage in the last 7s. Every hammer attack hits all enemies in melee range and only benefit from 33% of her total Lifesteal.
  • Scourge (Third Ability) stuns and wounds enemies while also disarming them (disabling their Basic Attacks). Bellona now makes Basic Attacks with a scourge until she has not taken or dealt damage in the last 7s. Basic Attacks have extended range (+4) and every third attack heals her.
  • Eagle’s Rally (Ultimate) She plants a Roman flag at the target location and jumps on it, granting Protections and increased Physical Power to allied Gods. Enemies directly under where the flag is placed take damage and are Stunned for 1.25s.


“Coming through!”

Vamana may not be as physically imposing as the other Gods in his class, but don’t be fooled by his diminutive appearance.

His ultimate ability, Colossal Fury, transforms him into a physical giant and helps him to dominate team fights with ease.

  • Vamana’s focus on humbling his opponents via fight is reflected in his Sleeping Giant ability (Passive), which converts a percentage of his Physical Protection to Physical Power and Attack Speed.
  • His Clear the Path (First Ability) is a movement speed boost ability that flings opponents into the air and deals moderate damage. Be careful though as it’s difficult to steer Vamana when he is in this Ability.
  • Armored Umbrella (Second Ability) is a pretty straight forward, wide-ranging (Cone based) assault on foes with great damage.
  • The Umbrellarang (Third ability) is an ability that has dual function (damage and Slow). Vamana spins an umbrella out in front of him, hitting everyone in its path for damage and slowing the enemies’ attack and movement speeds. After reaching its destination, the umbrella returns back to him, hitting everyone in its path again.
  • Colossal Fury (Ultimate): He grows to an enormous giant for 6s gaining immunity to Crowd Control, additional Protections, Physical Power, regeneration and his Basic Attacks now damage all nearby enemies in a visible cone in front of him. His Movement Penalty for Attacking, Backpedaling, and Strafing are reduced by 20% while in this state.
    Successful attacks on enemies also provide stacking Movement Speed for 3s. When Vamana is in his Colossal form, taking damage from Gods increases the duration and he can pass through player-made walls. You may cancel his giant form early if necessary (for example, you need to use your 1st ability to run away faster from a bad situation).

Vamana’s most memorable moment in esports which we find worthy of mention is the Penta Kill done at the very first SMITE World Championship by Gamehunter (Team Solomid) against Team Dignitas, all the way back in 2014. Ever since then, he has cemented himself as a staple pick in a lot of teams due to his great imperviousness and absurd damage.



The Shining Light, as she is known, shines brightly throughout the game. Due to her powerful abilities, Amaterasu, a devoted Warrior, has ascended to prominence in the meta and is definitely one of the best Warriors in SMITE.

She has tremendous utility and control in her dual build, allowing her to inflict both targeted and area damage while retaining a high level of sustain. However, her early-game weakness and vulnerability to crowd control – especially against Assassins – may make a liability out of her if not adequately controlled. Don’t let that discourage you, though, as she has a brilliant and interactive kit.

  • Her Passive (Illuminating Strike) illuminates enemies she hits with Basic Attacks. After three hits on the same target, the enemy gains an aura that exposes their weaknesses and causes them to take more damage from all sources. Any other opponents that come near the afflicted target are weakened as well, of course.
  • Her Divine Presence (First Ability) allows her to switch between two auras. The first provides Movement Speed to Amaterasu and her allies, and the second gives a Physical Power boost. Additionally, every time she changes the aura, she heals herself a bit.
  • Heavenly Reflection (Second Ability) is an effective defense boost with a devastating destructive element. For five seconds, Amaterasu charges her mirror. She receives less damage while it is charging and can blast her mirror straight ahead to deal damage, either activating the Ability again or automatically at the end of the 5s period. It may be charged by successfully hitting foes or by taking damage, and when completely charged, it will deal up to double the base DMG.
  • Glorious Charge (Third Ability) is a superb dash attack that silences the enemy God it hits for 1s. It is one of the best approaching abilities that Warriors have at their disposal since Silence is one of the most valuable Crowd Control types.
  • Finally, Dazzling Offensive (Ultimate) is a powerful finisher that may bring a solo or team fight to an end. Amaterasu concentrates the might of the heavens into a devastating three-strike combo move. The second hit will do 20% more base damage and slow enemies by 30%. The third hit will do 40% more base damage and stun opponents. She must hit a target with the first hit to receive the increased damage and CC on the second. The same rule applies to the second and third hits.

Now, there’s one entry remaining. At the time of writing, our top pick has just recently celebrated his first birthday in SMITE and has already made a significant mark on the meta. Ready?


“Gilgamesh incoming!”

The second Babylonian God that has been added into SMITE, Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, is a melee Warrior who dominates the battlefield with his buffs and crowd control abilities. Being an agile and jumpy fighter, Gilgamesh can physically shove his opponents, which can be devastatingly lethal if they hit a wall or a God. Despite his immense versatility, his lack of crowd control defense and the stage of his Passive status could make him vulnerable early on, but if played well he can snowball pretty hard into late game and contest the Top Player Damage bracket, while at the same time, contesting the Most Mitigated Damage bracket.

  • By satisfying specific prerequisites, The Epic of Gilgamesh (Passive) is a good way to gain vital items. At level 5 and 10, he gains a quest, respectively. The first is to visit a specific marked, randomized location on the map that will visibly glow. The second is to defeat Gods equal to half of an enemy team in a single fight (depending on the Mode of Smite you’re playing, that’s either two or three and this will be visible at the Passive indicator). Each time he completes a quest he is awarded a random Tier 1 item, or 500 gold if he has a full inventory. The random item might be the thing you have dreamed of, or could be something completely useless so some players try to forcefully buy a sixth item in order to earn the 500 gold reward, which gives them the liberty to buy whatever they actually want/need.
  • Sun-Forged Scimitar (First Ability) Gilgamesh ignites his sword with the ferocity of the Sun for 3s. Enemies around the ignition take damage and are slowed for 2s. His Basic Attack deals bonus damage equal to 2.5% of his Maximum Health to enemies hit. When he successfully hits an enemy with his Basic Attack, the duration of this effect is extended for 0.8s, up to a maximum of 6s.
  • Drop Kick (Second Ability) is one of the most satisfying abilities to hit successfully. Gilgamesh drop kicks an area that’s in front of him. Enemies in the area take some damage, while the closest opponents is launched through them. The launched foe takes additional damage when hitting a minion, or takes damage and is stunned if the enemy hits a God or a Wall. If they hit the Winds of Shamash (his Ultimate), they are thrown toward the center of the ring, so, it acts like a pseudo-wall. Gods hit by the launched enemy take additional damage and are also stunned. You will witness two Gods being stunned by this ability and it leading up to a won team fight many times. It might be fun to kick Gods around, but his enemies are having none of the laughs when they get displaced during a team fight.
    – Meanwhile, Hero’s Advance (S3) is an excellent area dash attack, while Drop Kick (S2) is an excellent air knockdown ability.
    – Finally, Ultimate Winds of Shamash is a slowing AOE that can cause team fights to break down swiftly.
  • Hero’s Advance (Third Ability) allows Gilgamesh to leap into the air and crash down at a target location. Enemies that find themselves around at his destination take damage. He enchants the ground with energy, causing a beacon to appear for five seconds. Allies who run towards this beacon will gain a Movement Speed bonus, which halves once they enter the beacon. Allies who enter will also gain bonus Lifesteal, which is boosted by 15% of his highest Protection.
  • Winds of Shamash (Ultimate) allows Gilgamesh to call upon Shamash to create a ring of wind at a target location for six seconds. Enemies that find themselves inside this ring when it starts working, take damage and are slowed for two seconds. In addition to this, opponents inside the Winds of Shamash take wind damage every half a second. Those who try to escape the ring are heavily slowed. If he damages an enemy trying to flee they are thrown back towards the center of the ring. The wind turns into thread over those six seconds and ends up damaging and rooting enemies who are still inside the ring.


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