Best Mage Gods in SMITE (2023)

Top of the line Mages for you.

As a MOBA, SMITE consists of various, mythological playable characters from different Pantheons commonly referred to as Gods. Mage Gods are, for the most part, those with ranged attacks and they use Magical Power to enhance the damage of their basic attacks and abilities. They have strong abilities which tend to deal massive amounts of damage in a short period of time, but in turn, they are not great at mitigating damage, which is why some of them are referred to as “Glass Cannons.” There are 36 of them.

Top 5 Best Mage Gods in SMITE

Mages have the most representation among the Gods in SMITE and choosing five for this list was a very difficult task.


Chang’e is quite easy to pick up on paper, but somewhat difficult to fully master. In the right hands, she has the capability to close out a team fight with a well-timed Ultimate.

  • Jade Rabbit is her Passive Ability, which brings items to her from the base so she can keep leveling up without returning.
  • Crescent Moon Dance (First Ability) is an Arc-based damage ability that sweeps from left to right and is the least interesting part of her kit.
  • Moonlit Waltz (Second Ability) is a dance that makes Chang’e temporarily immune to all damage and Crowd Control. It also restores mana to her and nearby allies for every instance of damage that was evaded. It is a great asset to get out of an inconvenient situation.
  • Moonflower Dance (Third Ability) is a damage/heal ability that provides a debuff that reduces the healing of enemies affected by it.
  • Her Ultimate Ability, Waxing Moon, is what put her on this list, even though the remainder of her kit is not on par with the other Gods we’ve chosen. It is a wide, Line-based ability that stuns all enemy Gods it touches. The kicker is that the stun duration is one second plus one second for each foe already stunned, so the first one is immobilized for 1 second, the second for 2 seconds, etc, and if you hit all five (we’ve seen this happen and done this ourselves), it lasts a whopping 5 seconds – enough time for you to put some tea on by the time your God wakes up from it in the base after the respawn timer. Comic relief aside, some players know how to initiate a team fight really good by placing themselves in line with the enemy Gods, with the assistance of the purchasable Blink. A well-positioned Ultimate definitely has the potential to win the entire team fight.


She is one of the most underrated Mages in the game, despite her versatility and almost a perfect kit. This article is being written around her ninth SMITE birthday (May 15, 2013) and we feel that it’s very commendable that Eset has always been relevant in the meta, more or less.

  • Passive Ability grants a stack for her Aura every time she witnesses a God dying (maximum of 10 stacks). Upon reaching this, Eset gains an additional 10% Cooldown Reduction. This aura gives 2 HP5 and 2 MP5 per stack, which eventually builds up into a great bonus (20 HP5 and 20 MP5) and kind of mimics some aspects of the Auras of Sovereignty and Heartward Amulet. This Passive Ability is basically a seventh item in your inventory and is a great support for your team.
  • Wing Gust (First Ability) is a Line-based damage ability that gives you a small movement boost and is a great lane clearer.
  • Spirit Ball (Second Ability) is a long-ranged spirit ball that can be detonated at will to stun enemies in the close proximity of its explosion and to deal a decent amount of damage.
  • Dispel Magic (Third Ability) silences and slows enemy Gods caught in the circle that she places on the ground. Additionally, it provides a Magical Protection debuff. All in all, the 3-2-1 combo is powerful in 1v1 situations and is very useful in team fights as well.
  • Circle of Protection (Ultimate Ability) is a large circle that you place closely in front of you and has quite a few very powerful effects which force enemies to flee, causing them to move in a sub-optimal manner:
    – Mitigates damage allied Gods take while the circle lasts.
    – Damages enemies who remain in the circle once it explodes (Eset can detonate it at will).
    – Heals allies who remain in the circle once it explodes.


Olorun is one of the few basic attack-based Mages which makes him quite an unorthodox character. But he is the gift that keeps on giving as it is very complicated to deal with his Ultimate and he must not be left unattended since his damage output can reach insane numbers really fast during a team fight.

  • Passive Ability increases his Critical Chance (he’s the only Magical God that can crit with Basic Attacks) which starts at 15% and goes all the way up to 70%.
  • Focused Light (First Ability) may remind you of Goku’s Kamehameha or Ryu’s Hadoken (yes, it is completely normal to say those attack names while channeling this spell) and is a Line-based attack that, after you stop channeling it, sends out an orb that stops when it hits a foe, dealing massive damage. It can also crit!
  • Overflowing Divinity (Second Ability) is an Attack Speed boost that turns into a Ground Target ability you can fire again to send a volley of small projectiles to the selected circle area.
  • Consecration (Third Ability) is a small heal that heals Olorun and allies around it. It knocks back opponents slightly and slows them for two seconds, and also provides some Protections depending on the number of Gods healed.
  • Sanctified Field (Ultimate Ability) is what put Olorun on this list. It spawns a field that is approximately the size of a tennis court which slows EVERYTHING the enemies are doing within it by 40% (movement, spellcasting, animations, attacks) while he does everything faster by 30%. This disparity can greatly impact the outcome of any battle, and we’ve seen situations where a well-placed Sanctified Field won a fight that would be lost in any other scenario.


Chronos is also one of the rare Basic Attack-based Mages. If you are a Hunter main, you might want to consider mastering him as well because he’s always a decent choice in the situations where you can’t play a second Hunter in your team, but you want to play something that is Basic Attack-based.

  • Passive Ability progressively increases Chronos’ Magical Power over the course of a match, stopping during the 38th minute at 125 Magical Power.
  • Time Rift (First Ability) is a generic Ground Target Circle ability that deals damage.
  • Accelerate (Second Ability) is where the action is at since it has four modes, depending on where you stop the Wheel of Time when activating it. In addition to the effects that we’ll list below, Accelerate gives a Movement and Attack Speed Bonus and removes the movement penalty for Basic Attacks. Mostly, you will be using Section I to heal yourself and Section IV to increase the power of your Basic Attacks.
  1. Section I heals 1.5% Max Health per second.
  2. Section II gives 100% Mana Refund on Abilities.
  3. Section III gives +25% Magical Power.
  4. Section IV gives +35% Magical Power Contribution to Basic Attacks.
  • Stop Time (Third Ability) is a Line-based attack that sends an Orb in front of you that Slows Gods hit by it and then promptly stuns them.
  • Rewind (Ultimate Ability) sends Chronos back through space and time to where he was 8 seconds ago, restoring his Health and Mana back to the value of that time too. It also resets all other Cooldowns. The Ability rounds up his kit well as he’s a tremendous damage dealer with a decent Stun. When facing Chronos in a team fight, enemies have a difficult choice between letting him do whatever he pleases or focusing him down with all Crowd Control and trying to kill him before his Ultimate is channeled fully (risky because if this fails, Chronos moves away to where he was with full or almost full HP, essentially making this fight a 5v6).

Since there are just too many Mages, we had to omit some of them from this list, but we’ll provide a few honorable mentions that are superior in some ways (but not that well-rounded and versatile) and then we’ll introduce our number one pick:

Zeus, Poseidon, Kukulkan, Morgan Le Fay, Discordia, Hera, Merlin, Vulcan

All of these Gods are great in some regard and are widely used, however, a lot of them are just Glass Cannons with tremendous damage but low survivability, some are very difficult to master and use to their fullest potential, and some are very well-rounded but we couldn’t fit them in the list. Out of all Class lists, this one was the hardest to make due to a lot of genuinely great Mages.

And now, our #1 pick:


Freya’s unmatched DPS, crazy Crowd Control ability, and an absurd Ultimate soared her to the top spot.

  • Freya’s Passive Ability grants her additional Magical Lifesteal (10% + 0.25% per level, 15% at max level). If one or two additional Lifesteal items are thrown in the mix, she can fare well in longer team fights.
  • Irradiate (First Ability) provides bonus DMG to her Basic Attacks.
  • Pulse (Second Ability) provides a range to her Basic Attacks and adds a Slow effect and Splash Damage. The two effects are lost when Irradiate is on as well, so some people use Pulse first for a second to slow down an opponent and then turn on Irradiate to add bonus damage (since Pulse lasts 6 seconds and Irradiate 5 seconds).
  • Banish (Third Ability), also known as “Whoop!”, is a Ground Target ability that Banishes enemies that find themselves in the selected circle up in the air for 1.5 seconds. Opponents that are Banished cannot be hit or take any actions while in the air (except Beads of Purification to cancel out the Banish, for example).
  • Valkyrie’s Discretion (Ultimate Ability) allows Freya to fly up and fire down blasts of Magical Damage four times before landing. While she’s flying, she cannot be hit. It is a brilliant ability to either finish off a foe that’s trying to run away, escape from combat to safety, or temporarily take attention off of her during a team fight, forcing enemies to either switch their targets or to keep chasing her while ignoring her allies.

She’s perhaps a bit more difficult to master but when you get a hang of it, you will have a LOT of fun playing Freya since she covers a lot of different roles.

We hope that you liked our choices and we encourage you to review our other SMITE articles under the game’s tag or by clicking this link.

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