Best Planets for Titanium in Starfield Listed

Your weapons are about to get a whole lot better.

Starfield Titanium
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When you’re building up both your arsenal and outpost in Starfield, you’ll want all the materials you can get so you can get the job done just a bit easier. These materials are often found in very odd places though, or on very specific planets. That’s why having a few places to go can help immensely. Here are the best planets to farm Titanium in Starfield.

Where to Farm Titanium in Starfield

Starfield Titanium Planet Titan
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While the more locations you have to farm a resource, the better, we’re going to stick with three different planets that can be great for farming Titanium in Starfield. These planets are:

  • Titan (Sol System).
  • Vega II-B (Vega System).
  • Copernicus II (Copernicus System).

Each of these planets should provide you with a healthy amount of Titanium. It’s worth noting that it will be impossible to get an extractor setup for Titanium since Titanium can only be gotten through individual mining nodes. This means you’ll need to get a Cutter, which can be purchased through any weapons store.

What is Titanium Used For in Starfield?

Starfield Weapon Workbench
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Titanium has a variety of different applications, especially in the weapon modification space. Several Muzzles, Stocks, Scopes, Grips, and Barrels all require some amount of Titanium to be crafted. This makes it insanely useful for those of you who want to make your weapons have the exact stats you’re looking for.

Can You Purchase Titanium?

Starfield Mining League
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If you don’t feel like hunting it down, Titanium can also be purchased from various stores throughout the game. Jemison Mercantile, the Mining League, and Shepard’s General Store in the three major cities can all sell you some Titanium. If they either don’t have any Titanium, or you’ve bought all of it, you can sit down in a nearby chair and wait 24 in-game hours to reset their stock.

If you’re looking for more help with resources in Starfield, check out our guide on how to get Antimicrobials in Starfield.

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