How to Get Antimicrobials in Starfield

Sometimes the cure to a cough in the carapace of a dinosaur

Antimicrobials are an exceptionally useful crafting material that can be quite difficult to find. Fortunately, there are a handful of places where you can get it pretty reliably. Here’s how to get antimicrobials in Starfield.

Starfield: How to Get Antimicrobials

If you’ve ever found yourself at a Pharmaceutical Lab bench, you’ve likely seen the absolute buffet of healing options available to you. Any wound or ailment can be wiped away in a second flat as long as you have the right remedy in your inventory. But crafting these medicinal goods often requires a particular crafting component: Antimicrobials.

Fortunately, there are several ways of getting Antimicrobials.

  • As loot from boxes.
  • As loot from aliens.
  • In general shops.

As you travel the galaxy, be sure to take a look at every storage box you come across. Especially if you find yourself looting something that could have once been a medical ward. This is where I’ve most often found Antimicrobials for free.

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Likewise, certain aliens will drop Antimicrobials. The Ashta on Akila are a fantastic source of Antimicrobials in their rawest form.

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But it’s also possible to purchase Antimicrobials in general shops. One good option with plenty of stock is the Siegharts’ Outfitters on Neon City. This store can be found almost immediately upon loading into the city.

Once you do find a source of Antimicrobials, it’s a good idea to stock up. They’re an excellent way to make Antibiotics or Penecilin X, both of which treat infections. A status effect that you don’t want to have on you for long, as it can impact your health and oxygen.

But if you prefer your chemicals a little more… mind-altering, may I suggest Aurora? Not only does this drug offer fantastic combat uses, but it’s also a good way to finish a few quest lines on Neon.

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