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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get to Baldur’s Gate (BG3)

Maybe the real Baldur's Gate is the friends we made along the way

As you journey across green pastures, cavernous wastes, and shadow-cursed lands, you might be wondering “When am I going to get to Baldur’s Gate 3?” Here’s how to get to Baldur’s Gate in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Where is Baldur’s Gate in BG3?

In BG3, Baldur’s Gate’s entrance is within the Shadow-Cursed Lands along a path labeled “Road to Baldur’s Gate.”

The city of Baldur’s Gate is located on the west coast of Faerun by the Chiontar River. And while getting to Baldur’s Gate is your ultimate goal in Baldur’s Gate 3, you won’t actually see it until Act 3. So, prepare yourself, because you have a lengthy journey ahead of you. You’ll have to fight through dozens of hours before you make it to the titular city.

Eventually, you can get to Baldur’s Gate after heading through the Underdark or Mountain Pass and traveling through the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Act 2 of BG3. There are many ways to get to Act 2 and the Shadow-Cursed Lands, but one of the quickest—while still not skipping over too much content—is through the Underdark by going through the Hag’s Lair.

You can get to the Hag’s Lair by going southwest from the Blighted Village. You’ll know you’re there if you see the Riverside Teahouse. You’ll need to fight some Redcaps first, then go down into the lair with the hag.

After passing through this area, you’ll need to head past the illusory rock wall, which will take you to the Arcane Tower. From there, head to the beach by the central village in the area, and take the boat to Grymforge. In Grymforge, travel north then left until you find the elevator. This will take you to the Act 2 map and the entrance to Baldur’s Gate.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get Into Baldur’s Gate 3

It might not surprise you to learn that the city the game is named after, Baldur’s Gate, is the featured location for Act 3. But here are the big “milestones” you’ll have to meet to get there. Minor spoilers ahead.

You’ll first encounter a sign that says “Baldur’s Gate” in Act 2 when you’re in the shadow-cursed lands, but just wandering down the highway isn’t an option. You’ll need to strike at Moonrise Towers and the heart of its operations to make the way passable. That means completing the Moonrise Tower activity completely and leaving Act 2, and the shadow-cursed lands, completely behind.

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Baldur’s Gate is located to the west of Moonrise Tower, and once you’ve wrapped everything up in Act 2 and defeated Ketheric Thorm, you’ll finally be able to take the road that leads to the city. To get to Baldur’s Gate, head up from Moonrise Tower and follow the path that leads in between The Waning Moon and the House of Healing. Just past the large arched doorway at the end of this path is a waypoint labeled Road to Baldur’s Gate. Continue down this road to enter Act 3 of BG3.

In Act 3, you’ll arrive in Rivington, the town outside of Baldur’s Gate. But to get to Lower City (which is Baldur’s Gate, just its outer ring), you’ll need to pass the South Span Checkpoint. To get past the South Span Checkpoint, you’ll need to pay, sneak, or use the help of the Ironhand gnomes to get past the guards.

But even that’s not enough. Once you’re across the checkpoint, you’ll need a pass to get into the Lower City. To do that, you’ll need to get a Lower City pass by helping some folk around the Rivington area.

Once you’re in Lower City, you’ll find that there’s a giant door that says Baldur’s Gate. There’ll even be a waypoint called Baldur’s Gate, implying that you’ll be going to the heart of the city. And you will… in the very final mission. There’s no way of going through those doors normally.

Yeah. If you’re confused and disappointed, that’s normal. Much of the pre-release material seemed to imply that we’d be able to go into the Upper City. But it seems like this content was left on the cutting room floor.

Still, Lower City has a lot to offer! Like murders! So many murders, which you can solve and get great loot for.

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