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BG3 screenshot of the NPC Arfur and one of his hired mercenaries.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get to the Lower City in BG3

Sometimes, getting sent to jail is the right choice

Rivington’s all well and good, but let’s be honest: we don’t really sink our teeth into Act 3 until we make our way into Lower City. Fortunately, there are several ways to get into Lower City in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3: All Ways to Get into Lower City (BG3)

Getting into the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate 3 requires some pretty significant legwork, if you’re trying to do it legitimately. Or it can take all of five seconds, plus a lockpick. Here are all the methods available to you.

  • Complete the Open Hand Temple Murder investigation, then report your findings to Valeria in the Sharess Caress.
  • Find the Suspicious Toys and then track down Arfur to the Sharess Caress.
  • Get arrested by a guard then escape Rivington’s Wyrm Stone Prison.

Yeah, one of these options isn’t like the other.

BG3 screenshot of Valeria holding a chalice of wine.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Open Hand Temple Murder Investigation BG3

While we have a full guide on how to complete the Open Hand Temple Murder case, here’s a succinct summary. Head to the Open Hand Temple near the checkpoint and ask the gnome devotee what all the fuss is about. This will put you at the start of a murder investigation. Once you find enough clues to make a good argument, you’ll then need to find the flying yellow elephant, Valeria, in the Sharess Caress.

If you convince them, they’ll give you a Lower City Pass so you can tell their partner in Elfsong Tavern your findings. We highly recommend this route, even though it’s the most time-consuming of the three, because it leads to an even bigger side quests which eventually bleeds into the main story.

BG3 screenshot of Arfur looking concerned.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Find the Suspicious Toys Quest BG3

But if you prefer a faster option, Finding the Suspicious Toys is a good choice. This will only require you to go into Arfur’s basement, learn some terrible facts, and then investigate some toys in a nearby barn. From there, you just need to track down Arfur in the Sharess Caress. To avoid being sold out to the Fists, he’ll give you both money and a pass to the Lower City.

Go to Jail

The absolute fastest option is to get arrested by a guard and then sent to jail. This is easy to do. Just aggro a guard by going into any forbidden area (the door will be marked with red), get caught stealing, or assault someone. Choose to let the guard take you, and you’ll then be transported to Rivington’s Wyrm Stone Prison. While imprisoned from within your cell, you’ll need to lockpick your way out. Assuming you don’t aggro any guards on your way out, you can then make your way upstairs and pass over the bridge into Lower City.

How to Lockpick the Prison Door

Any Rogue will be able to lockpick the Wyrm Stone Prison door. The trick to lockpicking the Wyrm Stone Prison is to have a character who isn’t imprisoned lockpick the prison door. So make sure you keep a character away from the guards for this, so they can come in and bail you out. You will, of course, need lockpicks on your person to attempt this. The Difficulty Class of the lock is 15.

Lower City BG3 Map

Now that you’ve made it into the city proper, have a look at the full map and all of the city’s points of interest.

BG3 screenshot of the Lower City map.
Screenshot by Prima Games | Lower City
BG3 screenshot of the Lower City sewers map.
Screenshot by Prima Games | Lower City Sewers

Lower City Points of Interest

  • Basilisk Gate.
  • Basilisk Gate Barracks.
  • Sorcerous Sundries.
  • Devil’s Fee.
  • Bloomridge Park.
  • Baldur’s Gate.
  • House of Grief.
  • Elfsong Tavern.
  • Flymm Cargo.
  • Stormshore Tabernacle.
  • Baldur’s Mouth.
  • Graveyard.
  • Szarr Palace.
  • Wine Festival.
  • Forge of the Nine.
  • Heapside Strand.
  • Guild Hall Entrance.
  • Felogyr’s Fireworks.
  • Philgrave’s Mansion.
  • The Counting House.
  • Old Garlow’s place.
  • Lora’s House.
  • Stormshore Armoury.
  • Lower City Central Wall.
  • The Blushing Mermaid..
  • Chromatic Scale.
  • The Glitter Gala.
  • Facemaker’s Boutique.
  • Lady Jannath’s Estate.
  • Grey Harbour Docks.
  • Steel Watch Foundry.
  • Water Queen’s House.
  • City Sewers.
  • Guildhall – Nine Finger’s Office.
  • Undercity Ruins.
  • Temple of Bhaal.
  • Bhaal Temple.
  • Bhaal Temple – The Chosen’s Room.
  • Morphic Pool Dock.

But before you leave Rivington for BG3’s Lower City… did you know there’s a secret dungeon inside the prison, which can lead to a legendary weapon?

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