BG3 screenshot of the NPC Arfur and one of his hired mercenaries.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find the Suspicious Toys (BG3)

This man takes child free to a who new level

Is there a single corner where shenanigans and dark dealings aren’t happening in this game? The answer is likely no, because, in Baldur’s Gate 3, even the toys are rigged. Here’s how to complete Investigate the Suspicious Toys in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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How to Find the Suspicious Toys in Arfur’s Basement in BG3

You’ll be able to start the quest Investigate the Suspicious Toys by finding Arfur Gregorio in Act 3 in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate. Arfur will be in the middle of a despute with a refugee family, which you can intervene in.

If you walk into Rivington, you’re almost immediately bombarded with quests. A kid’s lost his pockmarked mom. A pompous, mustachioed man is trying to kick some refugees out of his massive mansion. And if you happen to detect thoughts, you’ll learn that it’s because there’s something in his basement. 

Something very, very suspicious.

How to Complete the Investigate Suspicious Toys Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get the Investigate Suspicious Toys quest line, you simply need to head towards the large mansion literally three feet away from the Rivington waypoint. There, you’ll see Arfur and his guards bickering with refugees who’ve holed up in his house.

This conversation can go two ways. You can kick out the refugees, restoring Arfur to his house, or you can force Arfur to skedaddle. We would highly recommend telling Arfur to leave for this quest line. 

During the conversation with Arfur, there’s a chance you’ll get the option to [DETECT THOUGHTS]. Succeed on this throw, and you’ll learn that there’s something in Arfur’s basement. But passing this skill check isn’t necessary. 

How to Find the Basement in Arfur’s House in Baldur’s Gate 3

Now that the argument’s been dealt with, head into Arfur’s house. The room immediately across from the entrance is locked. If Arfur’s in the house, he won’t want you to lockpick it, which is why it’s better to have the refugees here instead.

Get it open, and you’ll find a hatch on the ground. The lockpick requirement is fairly high, but you can find the key to the hatch upstairs in Arfur’s bedroom. To get into Arfur’s bedroom, you’ll again need to lockpick, but the throw is only 10, making it much easier to get into than the hatch.

Photo of Arfur's Bedroom in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshots by Prima Games

Within the bedroom, you can also find some pretty snazzy clothes and some really awful self-insert fanfiction. But once you have the key, you can head into the hatch.

The basement is fairly small, but it’s absolutely full of traps. They’re practically all fireworks, which will do some minor burn damage. Still, it’s better to avoid them. 

Some of the crates contain Fire Amber, but what we want is in the far back right, on the raised platform. Here there is a locked chest, which you’ll need to pass a skill throw of 18 to get into. Once you get inside, you’ll find the Blackmail Letter (and some gold), which will reveal that Arfur’s been stuffing toys full of something illicit. 

Photo of Arthur's basement in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshots by Prima Games

Unfortunately, the toys aren’t in the basement. For that, we’ll have to head back into town.

Finding the Suspicious Toys in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Suspicious Toys are set to be donated to refugees. Which, indeed, is very suspicious. Arfur doesn’t seem like the type to give toys to kids. 

Map location of Arfur's Location
Screenshots by Prima Games | Click to expand
  • Green Circle – Hatch location
  • Red Circle – Suspicious toy location

And these donations are now in the Requisitioned Barn to the right of Arfur’s Manion in Rivington. From here, there are two ways to get inside. If you prefer stealth, you can head up the hill and jump down onto a platform on the right wall of the barn. There you’ll find a window. You’ll also find that there are two guards inside and that the Donation Box you’re seeking is on the opposite side of the building. 

Photo of the barn location in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshots by Prima Games

But if you prefer to use the gift of gab, you can go to the front door and speak to Fist Nelson guarding the barn entrance. You’ll get a chance to [PERSUADE] him and you’ll only need to get a 10 to do so, making it the easiest way to find the box. 

You’ll then find the box in the left corner of the Requisitioned Barn from the entrance. You’ll know it’s the right one because it’s full of teddy bears, but your companions will also get a chance to pass a perception check, which will highlight it.

But once you find the box, you’ll need to disarm the trap. And the throw requirement is very high at 20. We didn’t pass it, and those bears exploded in our face. 

Chest full of toys in the Requisitioned Barn in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshots by Prima Games

Speak to Fist Nelson after the bears go up in smoke, or you successfully disarm them, and he’ll charge you with finding Arfur. Unfortunately, our dear, murderous friend has flown the coop. And you won’t see him again until you make it to Sharess’ Caress in Baldur’s Gate.

If you happened to read the letters in his bedroom, your journal will update with the precise location—Sharess’ Caress. But for now, let’s celebrate the fact that a bunch of children didn’t die to deadly teddy bears.

Sharess’ Caress can be found just inside and to the east of the southern entrance to Wyrm’s Crossing. Head into the city of Baldur’s Gate to find Arfur at the tavern. Find him in the left showroom with the drow. Initiate a conversation to catch him off guard. Although he may offer a bribe to dissuade you, you have the option to press for additional information, uncovering details about who instructed him to assassinate the refugee kids.

Or you could just hunt down Arfur and make him face the sharp-end of justice.

Investigate the Suspicious Toys Bug

As of writing, there is reportedly a bug that players have run into while doing this quest, which prevents you from completing it after doing all of the appropriate steps. It’s reported that you can encounter this bug after killing Arfur. Some players have reportedly used the Speak With Dead spell on Arfur to fix the issue. Others have resorted to killing everyone in the store, along with any civilians around, but this leaves you without a peaceful alternative.

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