Baldur’s Gate 3: How to find Arfur (BG3)

If he's not killing you with his awful writing, he's killing you with his toys

Well, we’ve found the crate of booby trapped toys. But our attempted child killer has long since flown the coop. Fortunately, he hasn’t gone far. Here’s how to find Arfur in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3: Where is Arfur (BG3) – Answered

You’ve got to be a particular shade of evil (or at least self-preserving) to agree to booby trap toys to kill refugee kids. And Arfur certainly isn’t earning himself any points what that dumb hat and those terrible “romance” novels he’s writing.

So, let’s track him down and make sure he gets everything that’s coming to him. To find Arfur, you just need to go to the Sharess’ Caress.

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The Sharess’ Caress is a very tavern that’s just past the South Span Checkpoint. To get to this checkpoint, head down the main street of Rivington, which will have the Circus of Last Days on the left and The Rivington General on your right. You’ll eventually hit the checkmark, where a Gauntlet and her robot bodyguard will demand that you prove you have enough money to make it in the city.

If you choose not to pay them, which I didn’t, and select pretty much every option but payment, Ironhand Gnomes will smoke bomb the Gauntlet. This will let you run through the checkpoint and into the city.


Now that you’re in the city, you’ll almost immediately see Sharess’ Caress on the right. Arfur is on the first floor, in front of the stage.

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Confront him about the toys and he’ll immediately try to bribe you. But if you take the gold, you’ll never know who forced him into doing it!

Keep pressing him on who blackmailed him, and you’ll encounter a skill check for [INTIMIDATION]. This is the only option you’ll have to get information out of him. But you’ll need to roll a 15 or better.

Pass it, and Arfur will tell you he doesn’t really know who the mastermind is, but that the packages come from the fireworks shop. He’ll then give you a pass to the lower city to sweeten the pot. And from here you can send him to the authorities or take his gold.

Thus ends the quest, Investigate the Suspicious Toys.

If you’re in the city, now’s a great time to solve a murder. Not only will it help you unravel a plot that might help with the main quest, but you’ll also get a cool dagger out of it, too!

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