Are Xiao’s Constellations Worth Getting in Genshin Impact? – Answered

It’s time to max him out to his full potential

Xiao has seen his fair share of reruns in Genshin Impact given that he’s been a longtime favorite ever since his release after the first Lantern Rite. So Xiao-wanters may just all have turned into Xiao-havers at this point, so it’s time to look to the next step; weapons. No, mostly because Primordial Jade can be found in either banner, but it is nice when it’s actually up for guarantee. No, the article’s focus is going to be on Xiao’s constellations and whether are they worth getting in Genshin Impact, which should be an obvious answer, but let’s take a look into what they are first. 

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C1 – Dissolution Eon: Destroyer of Worlds

Starting off strong, Xiao’s first Constellation gives him another charger for his Lemiscatic Wind Cycling, so it goes from two uses to three. Why the company loves using complicated words for me to retype for these lists is a mystery the world may never know, but Xiao’s skill is definitely invaluable. It may not be great for many types of puzzles given the newer Anemo characters that have been released since his debut, but it’s incredible during his battle sequences. Whether you are using it to recharge up his Elemental Burst or using it during his Burst to reorient yourself above your enemies, it can do a lot of damage and it helps just having one more charge, similar to Shenhe’s second charge for her Elemental Skill. It just helps with gaining more Energy and dealing more damage.

C2 – Annihilation Eon: Blossom of Kaleidos

If having an additional skill charge wasn’t enough, HoYoverse decided to make sure that this boy could regenerate plenty of Energy whether he is on or off the field by increasing his Energy Recharge by 25 percent. While this may seem like a bit of a weaker constellation, between Xiao, a Kazuha, or a Bennett assist, this Yaksha does pretty well on his own with Energy. But given recent updates, this might be more valuable because it may not be Xiao who needs the extra boost, but Faruzan. 

Faruzan is a newly added unit that is meant to boost Anemo characters. Her Energy Recharge is a bit weak at the moment and you’ll likely find yourself waiting to constantly recharge her Burst. But with Xiao’s second constellation, it could be made better. When your first character in rotation is full on their Burst, most of the energy that is still being collected on the field will go to your second character on rotation. If Xiao’s Energy Recharge is boosted and his Burst is fully ready, any extra particles that he triggers on the field will go to his next rotation, which may just be a nice and needed boost for Faruzan. 

C4 – Transcension: Extinction of Suffering

To help with interruption or damage being dealt, whenever Xiao’s Health falls below 50 percent, he will gain 100 percent Defense. This can be quite handy because as a DPS, he’s going to be on the field a lot, and due to his Burst, he’ll probably never be at full Health unless you have the best Healer accompanying him. HoYoverse really likes to give us characters that ride the coastline of being always injured in a fight given Hu Tao debuted along with him.

C3 – Conqueror of Evil: Wrath Deity and C5 – Evolution Eon: Origin of Ignorance

Xiao’s Third and Fifth Constellation are dedicated to extending his Talent Branches, with his Third extending his Elemental Skill and his Fifth extending his Elemental Burst. It is quite funny that HoYoverse decided to put his Elemental Skill up first, but it does do big damage and if you’ve gotten this far, it just makes you want to go to his Fifth Constellation. Very clever, tricky weebs.

Talent Branches usually stop at level 10, but these Constellations extend it by three so the damage output increases and you don’t have to worry about using more resources. These constellations simply add +3 to your talents, the resources and books you put in will remain the same, and if you happen to have that talent Crowned already, then it just adds three more levels of damage to your already maxed-out Branch.

C6 – Conqueror of Evil: Guardian Yaksha

While Xiao is in the state of Bane of All Evil, when hitting more than two enemies with his plunging attack, he will gain back a charge for his Elemental Skill. This overrides the Countdown of the current Charge and gives you more options for dealing damage during his Burst.

It’s quite funny to see how the Constellations have changed since Xiao’s first debut and now Alhaitham’s in his first run. You take a look at these constellations and think, they aren’t really worth it because they don’t improve the great aspects of what Xiao is, other than increasing his damage in his Talent Branches. It livens up his gameplay a bit and fills in the original gaps in his kit that were meant to make him a difficult play. His low health will boost his Defense, his Energy Recharge is improved, and you get more charges for his Elemental Skill so he is dealing damage more than just his plunging. 

Are his constellations worth it? If you’re a diehard Xiao Main then sure, any help is needed. But for the average player who rotates characters, then his First Constellation is the only one really worth it. And it mostly comes from the way Constellations have evolved. Xiao’s damage output at C0 is strong enough for many players, coupled with Benny and Faruzan and a heck load of luck when it comes to artifacts, all you need on him next is a good weapon. 

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Aiming for more of Xiao’s Cons is hit-and-miss for some of them, with the best constellations coming from his First Constellation to his Talent Constellations.

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