All Weapons in Starfield – Listed

No matter if you want to blat blat or pew pew, Starfield has got the gun for you.

If Starfield follows the traditional Bethesda formula, plenty of different weaponry is waiting for us when we launch into the great unknown. However, with plenty of deep dives into gameplay, we’ve seen many weapons available for players. Let’s jump in and find out what kind of weapons will be available when we start exploring so we know what kind of firepower we’ll be working with.

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All Weapons Available in Starfield

Below, you’l find all of the currently known weapons in Starfield, alongside their class and some stats to help you keep yourself from running out of space and only bringing the best of the best on your missions. Let’s see what we’ll find on our journey into the stars.

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Pistols In Starfield – Ballistic, Particle, Laser

Screenshot by Prima Games
Weapon NameAmmo TypeMagazine SizeDamageFire RateRangeAccuracyMass
Advanced Regulator.43 ULTRAMAG8100 PHYS182071.3%0.70
Calibrated Eon7.77MM1221 PHYS502067.5%0.55
Calibrated Rattler.27 CALIBER1217 PHYS502068.1%0.85
Calibrated Solstice1.5KV LZR1618 ENGY253069.3%1.30
Ecliptic Pistol11MM XPL1035 PHYS252065.3%1.00
Eon7.77MM1210 PHYS502067.5%0.55
Kraken6.5MM253 PHYS1502069.6%1.00
Magshot.43 MI653 PHYS252069.6%1.00
NovalightLIGHT FUSE128 PHYS25 ENGY223068.6%1.35
Rattler.27 CALIBER1210 PHYS502068.1%0.85
Razorback7.5MM651 PHYS124067.1%2.3
Regulartor.43 ULTRAMAG835 PHYS182071.3%0.70
Sidestar.27 Caliber1712 PHYS402067.9%0.65
Solstice1.5KV LZR1610 ENGY253069.3%1.30
Urban Eagle.43 ULTRAMAG739 PHYS252067.7%0.65
Va’Ruun StarshardLIGHT FUSE1226 PHYS80 ENGY123070.1%1.00

All Shotguns In Starfield – Ballistic & Partical

Screenshot by Prima Games
Weapon NameAmmo TypeMagazine SizeDamageFire RateRangeAccuracyMass
Advanced CoachmanCASELESS SHELL2200 PHYS472038.4%3.00
Big BangHEAVY FUSE832 PHYS94 ENGY142054.7%7.00
Breach15×25799 PHYS102055.3%7.3
CoachmanCASELESS SHELL252 PHYS472038.4%3.00
Old Earth Shotgun12G SHELL673 PHYS62056.3%$3.60
Pacifier15×25959 PHYS202045%2.75
ShottyCASELESS SHELL1250 PHYS602035.2%2.95

All Rifles In Starfield – Ballistic, Laser, Particle & Electromagnetic

Screenshot by Prima Games
Weapon NameAmmo TypeMagazine SizeDamageFire RateRangeAccuracyMass
AA-9911MM3017 PHYS1124065.7%3.00
Advanced Grendel7.77MM5013 PHYS1702066.2%2.65
Beowulf7.77MM3036 PHYS504069.1%2.80
Calibrated Grendel7.77MM505 PHYS1702066.2%2.65
Drum Beat11MM608 PHYS1603935.6%4.30
Equinox3KV LZR2013 ENGY505070.2%3.2
Grendel7.77MM503 PHYS1702066.2%2.65
Hard Target.50 CALIBER5116 PHYS2510074.2%9.15
Kodama7.77MM3013 PHYS1702065.7%2.25
Lawgiver.50 CALIBER631 PHYS104068%3.60
Maelstrom6.5MM404 PHYS1504065.85%4.15
Magpulse6.5 MM2071 PHYS174058.6%3.70
Magshear.50 MI7510 PHYS3004065.5%3.90
Novablast DisruptorHEAVY FUSE5100 EM202070.2%2.70
Old Earth Assault Rifle7.62 MM3015 PHYS1504064.7%3.50
Old Earth Hunting Rifle9X39 MM2030 PHYS4010086.8%3.15
Orion3KV LZR3527 ENGY335077%5.25
Tombstone11MM2019 PHYS904072.8%4.15
Va’Runn InflictorHEAVY FUSE2038 PHYS113 ENGY255070%3.75

All Heavy Weapons In Starfield – Ballistic & Energy

Screenshot by Prima Games
Weapon NameAmmo TypeMagazine SizeDamageFire RateRangeAccuracyMass
Arc Welder3KV LZR10017 ENGY762045.6%4.2
Auto-RivetRIVET10100 PHYS152063.1%4.5
Bridger40 MM XPL4127 PHYS54063.4%5.5
CutterCUTTER100 (RECHARGES)4 ENGY76376.7%4
Magstorm.50 MI1609 PHYS4004050.5%12
Microgun7.77MM3209 PHYS3504047.2%11.4

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All Melee Weapons In Starfield

Screenshot by Prima Games
Weapon NameDamageMass
Barrow Knife22 PHYS0.34
Combat Knife16 PHYS0.36
Osmium Dagger28 PHYS2.7
Rescue Axe17 PHYS1.4
Ripshank12 PHYS0.4
Tanto40 PHYS0.45
UC Naval Cutlass20 PHYS1.4
Va’Ruun Painblade62 PHYS1.8
Wakizashi49 PHYS1.35

All Explosive Weapons In Starfield – Ballistic & Energy

Screenshot by Prima Games
Weapon NameDamageMass
Cryo Mine1 PHYS35 ENGY0.4
Frag Grenade101 PHYS0.2
Fragmentation Mine101 PHYS0.3
Inferno Mine1 PHYS35 ENGY0.4
Shrapnel Grenade51 PHYS0.3
Tesla Pylon1 PHYS25 ENGY0.5

Since Starfield is so massive, there is a chance that we may discover even more weaponry while we explore the stars. While the amount of weapons you can store on your ship may feel endless, you’ll want to experiment and find out what may work best for your overall playstyle. Be sure to check out our Starfield section below to get your hands on plenty of tips and tricks to make your expedition into the unknown even more exciting.

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