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All New Achievements in Genshin Impact 3.4

Getting achievements in this game is almost like a full-time job

by Patrick Souza
Genshin Impact 3.4 Update Featured

Achievement hunting has been a thing even before games started to implement their own systems dedicated to them. It used to be for bragging rights only, but people always loved to say they collected every item or that they defeated the hardest bosses. And Genshin Impact makes sure to please those people by throwing new goals for them to follow with each update, and 3.4 is no exception to this rule.

Below you’ll find a complete list of all achievements introduced in “The Exquisite Night Chimes” update for the game, along with a few tips for getting them. Most of them are hidden, so you’ll only be able to see them after you actually get them.

All Achievements from Genshin Impact 3.4

A new category dedicated to the new area was introduced in this patch exclusively for the new Desert area, but most of the new additions are still on the Wonder of the World tab.

Wonders of the World

The following achievements are obtained either by progressing through the Desert’s World Quests or by completing other exploration objectives. Their descriptions are mere flavor text or spoilers, so only their names will be included here.

  • “If They Had Known the Unseen…”
  • “It’s Only an Eternity of Servitude!”
  • The Nameless City’s Past
  • The Loveless Tarantula
  • The Silent, Dreamless Paradise
  • La Luna Rossa
  • Didn’t Even Need a Manual…
  • “…For She Shall Surely Requite.”
  • “…Shew the Kingdoms Thy Shame.”
  • From Soil You Are, and to the Sand You Shall Return…
  • A Very Long Engagement

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Hidden Achievements

These achievements require completing certain tasks in the desert. Many will require you completing the World Quests, so get ready. As more of those and their requirements are discovered, they’ll be added here.

  • “I Hate ‘Em Myself!” – Be hit by a Wenut (those big sand worms) for the first time
  • Flat Out – Use a Wenut attack to destroy one of the brown-colored pointy rocks
  • He Who Controls the Spice… – Bring down the Setekh Wenut by infusing him with Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo.
  • “Isn’t Life Wondrous?” – Unlock all shortcuts in the Wenet Tunnels. They’re found next to the City of the Deceased domain route.
  • The Ancient Orchard and Spring – Complete all cascade sand puzzles in The Temples Forsaken.
  • On a Magic Carpet Ride – Use the teleport on a hill next to Old Vanarana and interact with the Time Challenge close to it.
  • In Her Full Glory…– Complete the puzzle in the Eternal Oasis after reaching it during the Dirge of Bilqis quest.
Hidden Achievement Genshin Impact 3.4 Magic Carpet
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • The Perfect Sandstorm – Experience a sandstorm for the first time.
  • Genesis of the Rift – Interact with all of the Pathfinders’ Logs around the Desert.
  • Hunter’s Mercy – Complete the Tadhla the Falcon questline.
  • Parvezravan Khwarrah – Activate all the Primal Obelisks around the Desert of Hadramaveth.

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Sumeru: The Gilded Desert – Series II

The regular area exploration achievements are all unlocked automatically.

  • Continental Explorer: Dune Dreams (II) – Light up the maps of the following area in Sumeru: Desert of Hadramaveth.
  • Over Sandstorms and Mirages (II) – Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in the following area in Sumeru: Desert of Hadramaveth.
  • Sanctuary Pilgrim: Dune Dreams (II) – Unlock all the Shrines of Depths in the following area in Sumeru: Desert of Hadramaveth.
  • The Dirge of Bilqis – Complete “The Dirge of Bilqis.”
  • The Desert Will Guide You Home (II) – Follow 4/8/16 Seelie in the Desert of Hadramaveth to their Seelie Courts.
  • Quicksand Treasure Hunter (II) – Open 50/100/200 treasure chests in the Desert of Hadramaveth.
  • Quicksand Adventurer (II) – Complete 7/14/28 Open World Time Trial Challenges in the Desert of Hadramaveth.

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