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Genshin Impact “Tadhla the Falcon” Quest Guide

Hunting the hunted Falcon

by Patrick Souza
Tadhla the Falcon Featured

Finding all Chest Pieces to open a secret path in the Safhe Shatranj area in Genshin Impact can take a good while as they’re all locked behind not only secret doors but also lengthy World Quests. One of these exploration anecdotes is the Tadhla the Falcon quest and its following steps, which will grant you the missing piece. Here’s how you start it.

Tadhla the Falcon Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

This side quest will be available from Masseira next to the Statue of the Seven in Tanit Camps only after clearing the full Dirge of Bilqis questline and waiting for a daily reset. Advancing in-game time won’t work (at least not at this step), so just wait for the next real-life day.

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With the quest now available, Masseira asks you to find his “Falcon” who’s actually Tadhla, another Eremite girl who fell victim to some Fatui in a cavern nearby. Follow the indications to track her down and free her from the abductors.

Return her safely to the village to complete the first quest in the series. The next quest prompts you to wait for the next morning (this time in-game morning), so open the Menu to advance time to 08:00 AM. Your objective is now to hunt three creatures inside their lairs together with Tadhla, which will all be indicated through the quests. 

The Red Vulture’s nest is at a higher level than it seems, so use the grappling hooks to reach it. You can either wait for it to return or just follow the shiny spots as suggested by Paimon to immediately bring him for butchering.

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The Scorpion follows the same vein with a much easier lair to find, but you’ll be fighting two of them at the same time to make up for it. After making quick work of them all that’s left is the Serpent, which is next to the Setekh Welnut World Boss. Defeating it will give you yet another Jinni fragment. 

The hunting took its toll on Tadhla, so go back to the camp to report the situation to Masseira. You’ll not receive any new quest immediately, so advance the in-game time to the next morning (08:00 AM) and speak with Masseira again to receive your final objective. Follow the way back to Safhe Shatranj to find Tadhla, who’s resolved to have her final hunt as a Falcon. Her target: you.

Return to the camp to confront… no one, as Masseira has already fled leaving only a threatening letter behind. You’ll get the Hunter’s Mercy achievement for completing the quest, and Masseira probably got a huge target above his head in the Traveler’s eyes. 

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