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How to Solve the Floral Throne Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Forward and back and then forward and back again

Lore enthusiasts were excited to know that the Dirge of Bilqis quest from the desert area in Genshin Impact would lead us to the Eternal Oasis where the Goddess of Flowers has her everlasting slumber, and when you finally reach it, it’s just as stunning as you’ve imagined. Despite not having lots of hidden treasure, there’s still a very neat puzzle hidden amidst the Floral Throne in the middle of this time-forsaken sanctuary. 

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It can be done as soon as you reach the area, but if you couldn’t complete it at the time, here’s what you need to do to find those lost Memories.

How to Solve the Floral Throne Puzzle in Genshin Impact

The Oasis will only be accessible at the very last moments of the second-to-last step in the Dirge of Bilqis Questline (Dune-Entomber Fecundity: Part III). Head for the center of the area to find the thrones that once belonged to the ancient Sumeru gods.

As soon as you reach them, you’ll notice how each of them requires their own pieces of Memories of the Eternal Oasis. Those are all hidden around the area, and here’s what you need to do to find them.

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The three pieces are locked behind the Padisarahs buds puzzles. Go directly to your left after you enter the Oasis through the big tree branch to find the first bud with three different time periods. 

Touching them will make them move, and when it stops you can now choose Activate Memory to control the area. You can make a small area in front of you to go back or forward in time to find hidden treasures. For this one, go forward once to reveal a treasure. Now touch the bud again and keep following it.

Activate the memory again and make it go forward once more. Touch it again and when it reaches its final destination, turn back twice to collect the Memory.

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The second one is found in the opposite direction to the first one and it has 4 time periods. Move it and turn the memory backward once to find a hidden treasure. Now touch it again, follow it and go forward two times to make the waterfall disperse while keeping the tree log standing up. Touch it one final time, follow it and make it go all the way forward to grab the Memory piece.

Floral Throne Waterfall Genshin Impact
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The final purple bud is a bit past the second one and has 5 time periods. After touching it, go all the way forward in time to remove the fallen log and grab the chest and a Dendroculos. Follow it to another waterfall and turn it back to the second time period (no waterfall, tree log still standing. Just like the previous one). Finally, follow it again and turn back time one final time to get the final Memory.

Now go back to the Floral Thrones and interact with them to give their missing letters back. Doing so nets you a Luxurious Chest and the “In Her Full Glory…” achievement for your hard work. Easier than expected!

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