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With so much to see and do, Starfield is a positively massive game that will take multiple playthroughs or many hundreds of hours on a single character to see and do everything. Even then, you may miss something if you don’t take specific approaches or perks. That includes items. From weapons and spacesuits to entire starships, here are all missable items in Starfield!

Every Missable Item in Starfield

If you’re a collector, chances are you want to find every item in the game like me. This is especially true for unique weapons and spaceships. But some paths in the game, some quest outcomes, lead to you missing essential items, and then they’re gone for good. That is unless you reload a save or start a new character altogether.

Amanirenas’ OutfitClothing
Amelia Earheart’s OutfitClothing
UC Antixeno SpacesuitSpacesuit
Delgado’s OutfitClothing
ECS UniformClothing
Captain UniformClothing
Security UniformClothing
Eternity’s GateWeapon
Experiment A-7Weapon
Franklin Roosevelt’s OutfitClothing
Gallow’s ReachWeapon
Genghis Khan’s OutfitClothing
Ikande’s SysDef Formal UniformClothing
Nishina SpacesuitSpacesuit
Riot ShotgunWeapon
Sanctum Priest HeadwearClothing
Sanctum Priest VestmentClothing
Sir Livingstone’s PistolWeapon
UC SysDef Formal UniformClothing
The Collector’s OutfitClothing
The Last PriestWeapon
Unfair AdvantageWeapon
Unmitigated ViolenceWeapon

As you can see, Starfield has many unique weapons that, if you’re not careful, you might miss altogether. To collect each item, keep a guide open and narrow the list as you play. It’s the most surefire way to acquire every weapon, spacesuit, starship, and piece of clothing in the game!

While you’re on your quest to collect every missable item in Starfield, why not learn how to join every faction in the game, too? Working through the various faction questlines is a lot of fun, which often offers unique rewards!

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