How to Get The Last Priest in Starfield

A swipe or two is all it takes.

Starfield The Last Priest Unique Weapon
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Personally, I’m not a huge fan of melee weapons in Bethesda RPGs. They feel too floaty and weak for my liking, but I know a lot of you really enjoy melee builds. And hey, that’s cool. If you want something to flesh out a close-range melee fighter in Starfield, nothing compares to The Last Priest. It’s a unique melee weapon only available from the main story. Here is how to get The Last Priest.

Where to Get The Last Priest in Starfield

To get The Last Priest in Starfield, you must side with The Hunter during “Unearthed” outside the NASA Facility. Then, during “Infinity’s End,” continue to side with The Hunter to kill The Keeper. You must either outright kill The Keeper or convince The Hunter that he’s dead. It’s up to you to determine which path best suits your playstyle and moral compass.

Once the job is done, The Hunter will provide you with your reward: The Last Priest.

The Last Priest Stats

As you can see from the image of The Last Priest, there aren’t a whole lot of stats to dive into. Unlike our usual unique weapon guides for Starfield, The Last Priest, as a melee weapon, only features:

  • Weapon Type: Melee
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 62
  • Value: 20268
  • Rare Effect: Elemental – Randomly deals corrosive, radiation, poison, and incendiary damage.
  • Item ID: 0031F25A

If you prefer carrying a melee weapon as a secondary for those really close encounters, then nothing genuinely beats The Last Priest. It’s one of the only unique melee weapons in Starfield, and it’s a powerful one at that. Based on the Va’Ruun Painblade, The Last Priest stuns enemies with close-range quick attacks.

If you would prefer something with a little more oomph, we recommend Revenant in Starfield.

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