How to Get Solace in Starfield

Find Solace in this unique pistol!

Starfield Solace Pistol
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Do you enjoy capitalism? I only ask because to get Solace in Starfield, you must work for one of the most prominent financial institutes in the Settled Systems. To unlock this unique pistol, it’s essential to sell yourself out to Galbank, work for their collections agency to pick up old debts, and deal with ne’er-do-wells. Here’s how to get your hands on Solace, the unique Urban Eagle in Starfield.

Where to Get Solace in Starfield

Starfield Galbank in New Atlantis
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As mentioned, you must work for Galbank, located in New Atlantis, to collect unpaid debts from several characters throughout the galaxy. One such character is Delinquent Mercenary, and by doing him a favor and paying off his debt, you’ll receive Solace.

It’s easy enough to cover the debt if you have the credits. It’s not overly expensive. If not, you can always take a different route and pull your own firearm. I’ve heard such things work in the far reaches of space.

Solace Stats and Details

Starfield Solace Stats
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The Urban Eagle is one of the strongest sidearms in Starfield, and this unique variant offers additional prowess and power due to the pre-installed modifications. Seriously, look at the list of mods available from the get-go. It’s a workhorse!

  • Weapon Type: Pistol
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 39
  • Ammunition Type: .43 Ultramag
  • Magazine Size: 8
  • Fire Rate: 30
  • Range: 24
  • Accuracy: 73.0%
  • Mass: 3.15
  • Value: 17520
  • Mod Slot 1: Compensator
  • Mod Slot 2: Hair Trigger
  • Mod Slot 3: Laser Sight
  • Mod Slot 4: Long Barrel
  • Mod Slot 5: Reflex Sight
  • Mod Slot 6: Tactical Grip
  • Item ID: 8AF68

While it’s not an iconic weapon with a unique affix or rare effect, the Solace does offer considerable stopping power. If you’re a fan of the Urban Eagle, this isn’t a tough one to acquire. The quests for Galbank are simple, and you can complete them early in any playthrough.

If you’re a fan of unique pistols, check out our guide on how to get Ember in Starfield. Stick with Prima Games for more tips, tricks, and guides.

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