All Force Gun Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Use the Force, Luke... I mean Isaac

The Dead Space Remake features many weapons commonly found in the survival horror genre, including flamethrowers, rifles, chainsaw-esque armaments, and much more. However, the Force Gun provides the best of both worlds, as it serves as a familiar survival horror shotgun-style weapon with Dead Space’s trademark sci-fi spin. Here is everything you need to know about obtaining the Force Gun and fully upgrading it.

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What Exactly is the Force Gun in the Dead Space Remake?

According to the official Electronic Arts Dead Space website, the Force Gun is, “A kinetic booster device, often used for quickly clearing loose debris or breaking up larger ore deposits. However, due to the graviton acceleration functions, overclocking can cause a dangerous gravitational reaction, causing debris and nearby operators to be pulled in.”

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Where Can You Find the Force Gun in the Dead Space Remake?

The Force Gun is found on the Hydroponics Deck of the USG Ishimura, and is located in West Seedling Room A. This room requires a Level 2 Security Clearance, which you will have already obtained through natural story progression.

Force Gun Upgrades in the Dead Space Remake

There are three upgrades for the Force Gun in the Dead Space Remake, which are as follows:

Subsonic Oscillator: Once you have found the Force Gun, the first upgrade can be acquired any time after from The Store for 12,000 credits. According to the description, the Subsonic Oscillator makes Gravity Wells last much longer.

Gravitic Amplifier: In Chapter 10, the second upgrade is found on the Crew Deck of the USG Ishimura, and is located in the Guest Consultant’s Suites of the Deluxe Quarters. According to the description, the Gravitic Amplifier upgrade causes Gravity Wells to have a larger radius.

Suspension Module: In Chapter 11, the third and final upgrade is found in the Cargo Bay in a chest that requires the Master Security Override, which can only be obtained by completing the “You Are Not Authorized” side mission. According to the description, the Suspension Module makes Gravity Wells cause damage over time.

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How Many Nodes Does it Take to Fully Upgrade the Force Gun in the Dead Space Remake?

In total, it requires 23 Power Nodes to entirely upgrade the damage, rate of fire, capacity, and reload time, as well as to unlock the three special upgrades for the Force Gun.

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