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All Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Burn baby, burn!

by Shawn Robinson

Every weapon in Dead Space Remake has a distinct purpose, helping to give you a reason to use it, plus ensuring no two weapons can feel useful in the same scenario. A Pulse Rifle, for example, is much better at cleaning up smaller targets than a Plasma Cutter, which is versatile but is a little overkill when upgraded. The Flamethrower is one such weapon and is especially great once upgraded. Here are all the upgrades for the Flamethrower in Dead Space Remake.

Every Flamethrower Upgrade in Dead Space Remake

The Flamethrower is first acquired during Chapter 3: Course Correction and is a hard weapon to miss. This weapon has a primary fire that spews flames, setting necromorphs on fire and doing solid damage over time. Its alternate fire will send out a Flame Wall, burning all targets who pass through it. The moment you find it, you can immediately see just how nice it is to have around for larger hordes.

Like every other weapon in the game, the Flamethrower has three distinct upgrades. The first can be purchased in the store during Chapter 3, while the other two must be found:

  • Chapter 3 Upgrade: Fire Walls burn longer.
  • Chapter 7 Upgrade (found in Mining): Greatly increased fuel capacity.
  • Chapter 10 Upgrade (found in Deluxe bunks on the Crew Deck): Increases the primary fire flame range.

Alongside the three major upgrades, a ton of stat upgrades are available and are unlocked after securing the above upgrades. In total, there are five Damage nodes, four Reload Speed Nodes, nine Fuel Capacity nodes, and four Reload Speed nodes. In total, you’ll need 25 nodes to max out the Flamethrower.

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Whether you’re looking to douse a single target in flames or melt an entire crowd, the Flamethrower can pack some mighty damage. Just try not to point those flames at yourself.

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