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All Plasma Cutter Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

I guess you could say it has cutting-edge upgrades.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake can get quite in-depth with upgrades for each of the game’s weapons. Instead of the standard upgrade path of different stats that you choose to level at your convenience, you have a web that you need to progress through to unlock some more high-value upgrades. You’ll get plenty of boosted stats with each upgrade you make though. Here are all upgrades for the Plasma Cutter in Dead Space Remake.

Every Plasma Cutter Upgrade in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Plasma Cutter Upgrades
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The Plasma Cutter, like all weapons in the game, will start with a small set of upgradeable nodes but can be increased with each upgrade you get. These upgrades are found in Chapters 2, 3, and 8 in their respective locations, with each offering something different to the weapon. These three upgrades are as follows:

  • Chapter 2 Upgrade: Damage over time is granted to each shot fired from the Plasma Cutter.
  • Chapter 3 Upgrade: Greatly increased ammo capacity.
  • Chapter 8 Upgrade: Melee attacks will cause significantly more knockback. Melee attacks are done by left-clicking while not aiming.

Alongside these upgrades, there are all the smaller upgrades in between. We’ve provided an image above of the full web, but in total, there are six Damage upgrades, eight Capacity upgrades, three Reload Speed upgrades, and three Rate of Fire upgrades. To max it out, you’ll need 23 nodes. For something like the Plasma Cutter, we suggest focusing of course on raw Damage upgrades, but suggest either Capacity or Reload Speed upgrades rather than both at once. They can both benefit, but one will likely overshadow the other.

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The Plasma Cutter is an incredibly versatile weapon, having a ton of impact even toward the later stages of the game. If you’re trying to go for the One Gun achievement (guide linked above), you should have a lot fewer issues getting it than you might be led to believe.

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