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How to Unlock the One Gun Achievement in Dead Space Remake

One gun that sure packs a hell of a punch.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake is an awesome survival horror adventure on its own, but like any game, part of the fun after completing it lies in getting all the achievements. Everything from the most straightforward to the most complex is on the table, all in the desire to get as close to 100% completion as possible. One such challenge is quite difficult but can be done a little easier when you have the right strategies in play. Here’s how to unlock the One Gun achievement in Dead Space Remake.

How to Complete the One Gun Achievement in Dead Space Remake

To unlock the One Gun achievement, you must complete an entire playthrough of the Dead Space Remake using only the Plasma Cutter. This sounds like an incredibly daunting task but is surprisingly easy given how good the weapon is. For starters, you’ll want to do this playthrough on the easiest difficulty so slicing through necromorphs takes far fewer shots. You’ll also want to immediately sell all other types of ammo you come across, so they can be spent on nodes for Plasma Cutter upgrades at the Bench or ammo for the gun itself.

As for playing through the game itself, most of the game should be straightforward. Get as much Plasma Cutter ammo as possible and slice through whoever you can using either the vertical or horizontal firing modes. The biggest challenge is going to come with bosses and mini-bosses such as the Brute and Leviathan. For these, you’ll want to abuse surrounding items and explosive canisters (these don’t count as other weapons, thankfully) along with stasis. It’ll take many more shots to take these beasts down, but provided you’re stocked up on ammo, it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

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That’s about it! With some tweaks to how you normally play the game and proper inventory management, you should have the game beat without issue. It’s crazy to think just how potent the starting weapon can be, but when built right, it’s a real powerhouse.

Shawn Robinson

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