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How to Equip the Deluxe Edition Suits in the Dead Space Remake

Pretty Fly (For a Dead Space Guy)

by Grant Testa

After a ten year hiatus, Dead Space is officially back. On January 27, 2023 the Dead Space Remake launched for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. With Dead Space being one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year, many players pre-ordered the title, with some even springing for the Deluxe Edition, which included a wardrobe of unique suits to help Isaac Clarke kill Necromorphs in style. Here is everything you need to know about unlocking and equipping the Deluxe Edition suits in Electronic Arts and Motive Studio’s Dead Space Remake.

Where to Find the Deluxe Edition Suits in Dead Space

The Deluxe Edition suits can be accessed via The Store on the USG Ishimura, with kiosks scattered throughout the twelve chapters of Dead Space. Stores can be used to buy and sell items, as well as to move some of your inventory items into storage to be accessed later.

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How to Equip Deluxe Edition Suits in Dead Space

The suits can be found in the Storage tab of the Store. Simply navigate to “Storage”, and you will find the suits you received with the purchase of the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition. You can equip your suit of choice by choosing “Equip”, and you will be treated to a short cinematic of Isaac’s suit being transformed, in which the protagonist will emerge with some nifty new duds.

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If you would rather try a different suit, or would prefer to unequip your current one to use the base game suit, simply select “Unequip”.

Deluxe Edition Suits

There are six deluxe edition suits (as well as the Anodized suit, which is exclusively available to EA Play Pro members). These Dead Space Deluxe Edition suits are as follows:

Lone Survivor Suit

The description reads, “For the lost souls forgotten in the depths of the Ishimura, survival comes at a grim cost.”

Infested Suit

The description explains, “When your mission is to save the one you love, not even death can stop you.”

Venture Suit

The description says, “The colors of the EDF Corps of Engineers, adopted after their victory at Europa’s Conamara Chaos Iceworks during the Resource Wars.”

Bloody Suit

The description eerily asks, “Have you remembered whose blood it is yet?”

Sanctified Suit

The description notes, “Give yourself over to the Marker, be armored in its words, and make the brethren whole again.”

DS08 Legacy Rig

For fans of the original Dead Space, the DS-08 Legacy suit is, “A classic CEC RIG, designed to handle years of faithful service.”

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