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Dead Space Graphics Modes Explained

Everything we know about the Dead Space Remake's graphics settings

by Grant Testa

The Dead Space Remake is just a day away, with launch set for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on January 27, 2023. While Electronic Arts and Motive Studio’s sci-fi horror remake will introduce a host of new improvements to the game, including a secret ending, new content, improved voice acting, and a number of other features, the biggest selling point of Dead Space (2023) has been its improved graphics. Let’s examine everything we know about the graphics settings in the fast-approaching Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Console Graphics Modes

As seen above, the official Dead Space Twitter account revealed that PS5 and Xbox Series X|S gamers will have two options for graphics modes: quality and performance, standard visual settings found in the current generation of consoles. Per Dead Space’s tweet, the quality graphics mode will provide gamers with “30 FPS at 4K (UHD) resolution with ray-tracing,” while the performance setting includes “60 FPS with 2K (QHD) with no ray-tracing.” Simply, this means that there is a tradeoff between Dead Space’s graphics modes, as gamers will have to choose between ray tracing or higher frame rates, which is nothing out of the ordinary for current-gen console gaming. For those who do not know what ray-tracing or FPS is, here are some quick explanations.

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What is Ray-Tracing?

According to Nvidia, “Ray tracing is a rendering technique that can realistically simulate the lighting of a scene and its objects by rendering physically accurate reflections, refractions, shadows, and indirect lighting.” If that definition is too complex, a more abbreviated explanation found on the Nvidia developer website describes that “Ray tracing is a method of graphics rendering that simulates the physical behavior of light.”

What is FPS?

While some gamers might be confused by the fact that FPS also stands for “first-person shooter,” in this case, the acronym means “frames-per-second” and is an important graphical component of all visual media. According to the PC Mag website, “Your frame rate, measured in frames per second (fps), describes how smoothly a given game runs… The more frames you can pack into one second, the smoother on-screen motion will appear. Lower frame rates—typically frame rates lower than 30fps or so—will appear choppy or slow.”

Dead Space Remake PC Graphics Requirements, Specs, and Settings

For information on the graphical settings for the PC version of Dead Space, please follow the related link below to another informative article on Dead Space’s PC Requirements from Prima Games.

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