Dead Space Remake Metacritic Score Revealed – How Does it Compare to the Original?

Did the Dead Space Remake live up to the hype?

The first reviews for Electronic Arts and Motive Studio’s Dead Space have officially arrived. The highly anticipated remake to the 2008 survival horror classic will launch tomorrow, January 27, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, but the Metacritic scores for each of Dead Space’s platforms have been revealed. Let’s look at Dead Space’s Metascore, where the remake ranks among the current generation of games, and how it compares to the original Dead Space.

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Dead Space Remake Metacritic Score

It’s official, Dead Space is a bona fide critical hit, as the title has garnered an 87 Metascore on PC, an 88 rating by the aggregator on Xbox Series X|S, and a whopping 90 Metacritic Score with a “must play” designation on PS5 as of this writing. EA and Motive Studio’s remake is also the most highly rated horror game on the current generation of consoles, as Metacritic ranks Dead Space as the eighth-best game of all-time on PS5. At the same time, the Xbox Series X|S version holds the fifteenth position in the console’s history. The nearest competition in the horror genre on PS5 is the Last of Us Part I and Inscryption, which netted 88 and 87 Metascores, respectively. On the other hand, the closest-rated horror titles on Xbox Series X|S were A Plague Tale: Requiem, which earned an 85 Metascore, as well as Resident Evil Village, with the latest entry in the Resident Evil series receiving an 83 rating from critics.

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How Does the Dead Space Remake’s Metascore Compare to the Original?

While the Dead Space (2023) has been met with adulation in its first critic reviews, a question looming over the ascendant title was whether the remake could fill the shoes of its iconic predecessor. For PlayStation, it appears that the Dead Space Remake has not only met but surpassed its lofty expectations, as the original Dead Space earned an 88 on Metacritic when the game launched, two points fewer than its 2023 counterpart. Similarly, the newest PC version of Dead Space has surpassed its previous iteration, as Metacritic awarded the first game in the Dead Space franchise an 86 rating in 2008. However, the Dead Space Remake on Xbox Series X|S did not quite reach the heights of its Xbox 360 ancestor, which received an 89 Metascore upon release.

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While there is still some uncertainty around how audiences will receive the Dead Space Remake, one thing you can always count on is that Prima Games is your go-to source for gaming news, reviews, guides, and features.

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