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All Dead Space Remake Trophy/Achievement Differences from Original

The changes in the trophies/achievements of Dead Space (2023) vs. Dead Space (2008) explained

by Grant Testa

The Dead Space Remake is nearly here, arriving on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on January 27, 2023. For PlayStation trophy hunters and Xbox achievement fanatics, the new entry in the Dead Space franchise brings an exciting list of challenges for gamers to embark on, with some familiar returning achievements and a number of new feats to accomplish on the USG Ishimura. Here are the biggest differences between the Dead Space Remake’s trophies and achievements compared to the original game that came out back in 2008. Warning: There will be some minor spoilers for the Dead Space trophy list revealed in this article.

New Trophy/Achievement Names and Designs in Dead Space (2023)

While there are many similarities between the original and new Dead Space trophy/achievement lists, among the interesting differences are new names for several trophies/achievements in Motive Studio and Electronic Arts’ next-gen remake. For example, completing the first chapter of the original Dead Space netted gamers the “Dead on Arrival” achievement, while the remake has altered the name to “Welcome Aboard.” Furthermore, the trophy for finishing the game on Impossible Mode is now called “Untouchable,” a departure from the original “Epic Tier 3 Engineer” achievement.

An example of a description that has changed can be found in “Get Off My Ship!”, which awards players with a bronze PlayStation trophy or ten Xbox Gamerscore for killing the “Leviathan Remnant.” While the trophy/achievement name is identical between both game versions, in the first iteration of Dead Space for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the Leviathan Remnant was called the “Slug Boss.”

Lastly, the color scheme of the trophy/achievement art has also changed, as the Dead Space Remake features fresh designs that are color coordinated specifically with the corresponding PlayStation trophy rarity bronze, silver, and gold. In the original, the trophies/achievements lists made use of green, blue, yellowish orange, and red colored honors.

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Alternative Ending in Dead Space (2023)

There is a new alternative ending that can be found in the Dead Space Remake, and with it comes a new trophy/achievement. Seeing the alternative ending on any difficulty mode will net players the “Reunion” silver PlayStation trophy or Xbox achievement worth 40 Gamerscore. While we do not yet know the requirements to witness the alternative conclusion to Dead Space, it is undeniably a highly intriguing development, as there will now be multiple finales for a single-ending game that came out fifteen years ago.

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Side Missions/New Miscellaneous Tasks in the Dead Space Remake

Another unique feature for the Dead Space Remake is the inclusion of a few trophies/achievements that reward players for completing unique tasks. For instance, discovering the Hunter’s origins will award players with the “Final Regeneration” silver PlayStation trophy or Xbox achievement worth 40 Gamerscore. Another example is if players “Pursue Nicole’s investigation,” they will receive the “Whole Again” silver PlayStation trophy or Xbox achievement generating 40 Gamerscore.

Also, there are a few unique challenges found in the Dead Space Remake, which were not included in the original game including the Wishbone trophy/achievement that requires players to “rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis,” as well as Raise the Stakes, which necessitates players to “pin an enemy” for a bronze PlayStation trophy or ten Gamerscore Xbox achievement.

Missing Challenges/Less Grinding in the Dead Space Remake

While the Dead Space Remake has one less trophy/achievement than the original on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, the game surprisingly lacks a large number of challenges that were found in the 2008 series debut. While some challenges had their requirements decreased for their respective trophies/achievements (such as only needing to dismember 500 limbs instead of 1,000 and stomp on merely ten enemies instead of needing melee against 30 necromorphs), others have been entirely removed from the list or changed. For example, reaching the PlayStation platinum trophy or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore no longer requires players to spend 200,000 credits at the store, Zero-G jump over 100 times, force enemies into Gravity Panels, survive the ADS cannon and Slug Boss with 50% shield strength, escape from a Lurker’s grab ten times, or earn a perfect score at the shooting gallery (which has been changed to “survive the shooting gallery).

Despite the fact that there are still many similar trophies/achievements requiring players to vary their weaponry, find collectibles, and complete the game multiple times on the varying difficulty levels, it appears that Motive Studio and EA have made a concerted effort to make the Dead Space Remake’s trophy list a little less tedious than the original game. While we don’t yet know all of the requirements, whether there will be chapter select or not, one thing you can rely on is the fact that Prima Games has all of your favorite gaming news, reviews, guides, and features just a click away.

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