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Games to Play Before the Dead Space Remake

Four games to help you pass the time before the launch of the Dead Space Remake

by Grant Testa

The Dead Space Remake is lurking just around the corner, with developer Motive Studio’s upcoming revamp of Visceral Games’ single-player survival horror classic set to be released on January 27, 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Whether or not you’ve played the previous-gen iterations of Dead Space, before you rush headlong into the USG Ishimura in late January, here are four quick gaming experiences that you should play prior Electronic Arts’ upcoming remake, helping you pass the time before launch and preparing you for the horrors that await Isaac Clarke and his crewmates in Dead Space (2023).

Dead Space (2008)

Where you can play it: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox Game Pass

How long to beat Dead Space: approximately 12 hours

Why you should play it before the Dead Space Remake: It only makes sense that you should experience (or reexperience) the original Dead Space prior to its remake in order to determine whether the new version lived up to the high standards set by its predecessor. The innovative 2008 sci-fi horror title vaulted its way into the annals of horror history through the game’s diverse arsenal of weaponry, expansive enemy variation, eerie setting, intriguing narrative mystery, and gory, pulse-pounding gameplay. If you’re going to play any game before the Dead Space Remake, it should be this one.

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Dead Space 2 (2011)

Where you can play it: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox Game Pass

How long to beat Dead Space 2: approximately 12 hours

Why you should play it before the Dead Space Remake: Shocker. Another Dead Space title. While Dead Space 2 isn’t necessarily must-play material needed to understand the first game in the series, there is one reason it is worth looking into before the next-gen remake launches: Gunner Wright. Although the original Dead Space featured a silent protagonist, making Isaac Clarke somewhat of an avatar for the player, later entries in the series would flesh out the character more with full voice acting by the aforementioned Wright. In a departure from its 2008 version, Wright will reprise his Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 role, returning as Isaac Clarke for the Dead Space Remake. This makes the 2011 sequel worth checking out before the January 27, 2023 launch of the upcoming Dead Space Remake in order to see whether Isaac’s added voice acting improves the newest version of the game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)

Where you can play it: Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One Xbox Series X|S

How long to beat Resident Evil 2: approximately 9 hours

Why you should play it before the Dead Space Remake: When it comes to survival horror remakes, Capcom’s 2019 entry currently stands alone as the undisputed champion, and genre standard-bearer. Through critical acclaim and millions of copies sold, the 2019 edition of Resident Evil 2 set a new high bar for its unique subgenre of remade horror classics. Capcom’s zombie-infested survival horror title simultaneously recaptured the magic of the original 1998 version while modernizing and updating the gameplay for its 2019 launch. If the Dead Space Remake desires to become a generation-defining experience, it must meet or surpass the standard of Resident Evil 2.

The Callisto Protocol (2022)

Where you can play it: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

How long to beat The Callisto Protocol: approximately 11 hours

Why you should play it before the Dead Space Remake: The Callisto Protocol was met with a mixed reception following its December 2022 launch. However, some of the online negativity tends to be hyperbolic. The Callisto Protocol is somewhat of a successor to the Dead Space franchise, with Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield serving as the game’s director for the new IP from Krafton and Striking Distance Studios. The influence of Schofield’s sci-fi horror classic is ever-present throughout The Callisto Protocol’s Black Iron Prison setting and Dead Space fans will find familiarity with many of the game’s mechanics. When it comes to gory, sci-fi horror games on next-gen hardware, until EA and Motive Studio’s upcoming remake launches, The Callisto Protocol is currently the most similar next-gen horror experience to Dead Space that is available to be played. It is also worth playing to see how Dead Space’s graphics compare to The Callisto Protocol’s photorealistic and jaw-dropping visuals.

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