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Peng Treasure Location in the Dead Space Remake

It's my destiny to be the King of Peng

by Grant Testa

Nearly 15 years after it was first introduced in the 2008 version of Dead Space, the Peng Treasure is back in Electronic Arts and Motive Studio’s remake of the sci-fi horror classic. The valuable treasure hidden in the USG Ishimura is an essential source for credit to help Isaac Clarke survive the late-game horrors hunting the protagonist of the Dead Space Remake, as well as providing a trophy/achievement for accomplishing the task. Here is where you can find the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space Remake.

How to Find the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space Remake

During Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions, Isaac will be tasked with going to the Cargo Bay. Follow progression through the chapter until you reach this location.

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Once you have entered the sprawling Cargo Bay, take the elevator or lift downstairs.

As you get off the elevator/lift, be cognizant of surrounding enemies, such as exploders. Dispatch any incoming Necromorphs, and then turn to your left, where you will find an alcove full of stacked crates.

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In the alcove to the left, you will find a number of crates haphazardly strewn about, with some lockers behind. Use your kinesis to move the creates out of the way so you can access the locker.

Once you have moved the crates, you will see an open right locker and a closed left locker adorned with “Peng” stickers. The locker doesn’t require any special security clearance to be accessed.

When you open the locker, you will find the Peng Treasure inside. Ensure you immediately grab the collectible without leaving the room, as I encountered a potential glitch or bug that made the locker inaccessible upon leaving.

Once you pick up the Peng Treasure, you will be awarded a PlayStation bronze trophy or Xbox achievement worth ten Gamerscore.

The Peng Treasure is the most valuable treasure that can be found in Dead Space, worth a cool 30,000 credits.

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