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When is the Point of No Return in the Dead Space Remake? – Answered

"I've passed the point of no return... I'm on the other side of the moon now and everybody is just going to have to wait until I pop out."

by Grant Testa

The Dead Space Remake from Electronic Arts and Motive Studio has provided many new features that differentiate the game from its 2008 sci-fi horror source material. One of these unique elements is the ability to backtrack to previous locations in the game to complete side missions and obtain missing collectibles. However, there is eventually a point in the game in which gamers will be locked out from exploring the USG Ishimura, commonly known as the “point of no return.” For those who might be concerned about missing the chance to fully explore the USG Ishimura, or are just curious about when the point of no return occurs in the Dead Space Remake, here is everything you need to know.

Warning: Minor spoilers for the Dead Space Remake ahead.

What Chapter is the Dead Space Remake’s Point of No Return?

The Dead Space Remake features a point of no return in Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions. Near the very end of the chapter Isaac and Nicole will prepare to board a shuttle for Aegis VII and leave the USG Ishimura. During the conversation near the shuttle control room, Isaac will say, “I know. The Ishimura’s finished. If we get on that shuttle, there’s no going back.”

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If you have missing side missions, weapon upgrades, nodes, schematics, etc. now is the time to backtrack through the ship to collect anything and everything you might have missed.

The True Point of No Return

When you board the shuttle, Dead Space will display a message saying “Point of No Return. You are about to leave the Ishimura and will not be able to return.” You can either continue to the final section of the game, Chapter 12: Dead Space, or you can hit cancel if you want to stay on the Ishimura to look for anything you might have missed.

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