The Voice Cast of the Dead Space Remake Listed

All of the actresses and actors featured in the 2023 Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space Remake is almost upon us, as one of 2023’s most anticipated games is set for launch on January 27, 2023. After nearly a decade of waiting, fans of the popular sci-fi horror series will finally get to reexperience the acclaimed first entry, remade by developer Motive Studio and published by Electronic Arts. While there are set to be a variety of new features, including the introduction of an alternative ending and exciting side content, the Dead Space Remake has also revamped its voice cast, featuring some returning stars and new faces behind the beloved characters of the first game in the series. Here is everything you need to know about the Dead Space Remake’s cast.

Isaac Clarke in the Dead Space Remake

The protagonist of the Dead Space series will be played by Gunner Wright, who previously portrayed the character in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. In the original Dead Space, Isaac Clarke served as a voiceless player character, but now Motive Studio and EA have reportedly incorporated more voice acting for Dead Space’s hero in the upcoming remake, akin to the series’ second and third entries.

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Kendra Daniels in the Dead Space Remake

While 2008’s Dead Space featured Tonantzin Carmelo as the voice of Kendra Daniels, one of Isaac Clarke’s fellow crewmate survivors in the original game, the 2023 remake has cast Brigitte Kali Canales as the memorable NPC.

Nicole Brennan in the Dead Space Remake

While the Senior Medical Officer of the USG Ishimura/Isaac’s love interest was originally performed by Iyari Limon in the 2008 Dead Space, EA and Motive Studio’s 2023 version has Tanya Clarke taking on the role.

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Sgt. Zach Hammond in the Dead Space Remake

Zach Hammond, the Chief Security Officer of the USG Kellion and one of Isaac’s fellow survivors on the USG Ishimura will be played by Anthony Alabi in the Dead Space Remake. The character was originally portrayed by Peter Mensah in the 2008 version of the game.

Doctor Challus Mercer in the Dead Space Remake

Challus Mercer, one of the Dead Space Remake’s main antagonists and necromorph-worshipping mad scientist, will reportedly feature Faran Tahir as the villainous character, which Navid Negahban performed in 2008’s iteration.

The remainder of the voice cast is currently unconfirmed. However, one verifiable fact is the undeniable truth that Prima Games should be your go-to source for gaming news, reviews, guides, and features.

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