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All Ashika Island Barter Recipes in COD DMZ

Need a GPU?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Both of the main extraction zones in the Call of Duty: DMZ mode have access to the Barter System in Season, which means new ways to get a hold of rare items. However, Ashika Island and the main Al Mazrah map have two different sets of recipes that require entirely different items.

Because Ashika Island is smaller in nature and has a slightly different loot pool when compared to the main map, it only makes sense for the Barter Recipes to be slightly different. Our guide will cover all the recipes on the island and what items you will need to get some fresh equipment.

COD DMZ – All Ashika Island Bartering Recipes Listed

You will notice in this guide that there is some crossover between the items you will see on both of the main extraction zones. There are some recipes that are exclusive to the island though, and you will be able to see them when you access any Buy Station. Just be careful with these Buy Stations because they are far more deadly to use than the ones in Al Mazrah. All of the recipes can be seen below.

COD DMZ Recipe List for Ashika Island:

  • Scavenger Backpack – 1 Battery, 1 Canned Foods, 2 Gun Cleaning Oil
  • Secured Backpack – 1 Electric Drill, 1 Gas Can, 1 Gold Skull
  • Armor Box – 1 Electrical Tape, 1 Screw Driver, 1 C4
  • Munition Box – 1 Imported Tea, $500 Cash
  • GPU – 2 Gold Bars, 5 Thumb Drive
  • Durable Gas Mask – 2 Toothpaste, 1 Lighter
  • MCPR-300 – 1 Al-Qatala Train Manifest
  • Skeleton Key – 1 Video Cassette Recorder, 1 Vintage Wine, 1 Encrypted Hard Drive
  • Lost Room 304 Key – 4 Nuclear Fuel
  • Revive Pistol – 1 Bandage, 1 Soothing Hand Cream
  • 3-Plate Comms Vest – 2 Hard Drives, 2 Batteries, 1 Soothing Hand Cream
  • 3-Plate Medic Vest – 3 Bandages, 1 Liquor, 1 Watch
  • Tempered Vest – 1 Classified Document, 1 Sensitive Document, 2 Documents

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The GPU and the Tempered Vest are the most notable unique recipes for Ashika Island in COD DMZ. Make sure to take advantage of these before Building 21 opens up this weekend.

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