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Where to Find a GPU in COD DMZ

Cash or keys?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Season 3 of Call of Duty: DMZ brought plenty of new systems updates, but it wasn’t just features that Operators could find updated in the extraction zone. Along with fresh equipment, players can start crafting items such as the Skeleton Key by locating GPU items and putting them towards the barter system.

If you’ve searched for anything in Al Mazrah though, you know that locating a specific item is much easier said than done, especially for loot that has a gold rarity. To get you closer to that Skeleton Key in the COD DMZ, we’ll outline where you can get your hands on a new GPU.

Call of Duty DMZ – Where to Find a GPU

You can find a GPU at computer shacks in Hafid Port or in the Chemical Storage Warehouse within the Al-Safwa Quarry. The spawn is reliable at the Quarry, but the Hafid Port spawn can be tougher to track down. Regardless of the spawns, GPU items in COD DMZ can always be found in buildings with plenty of access to office spaces and computers.

Two areas that are filled with spawns for electronic parts and GPUs are Zaya Observatory and the police station in the city. Both of these areas have multiple rooms and buildings with electronic spawn chances. I even found my own COD DMZ GPU sitting on a random shelf within the Zaya Observatory in Al Mazrah.

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On top of searching for the rare component, you can also attempt to craft one using an Ashika Island Barter Recipe or through the Koschei Complex. However, getting the materials won’t be easy. Going in with a Secured Backpack is advised if you go the crafting route.

GPU Barter Recipe:

  • 2 Gold Bars
  • 5 Thumb Drives

The spawn rates for the GPU are rare, but when you’ve found one, you can sell it for $16,000 cash or you can use it to barter. You’ll want to reconsider keeping the item and crafting a Skeleton Key so you can access any lock you need within three uses. Or if you already have a Skeleton Key, take the cash and get some new equipment for your Operator in the DMZ.

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