How to Find and Beat the Butcher in Warzone The Haunting

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The Butcher Warzone
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The Haunting brings five Halloween-themed bosses to Warzone and DMZ, including The Butcher from Diablo 4 and previous titles. With Lilith in the shop as an Operator, there is no better time to track down The Butcher and claim his hook as your own in Sanctuary or Al Mazrah.

Where to Find The Butcher in Warzone and DMZ

You can usually find The Butcher in Al Mazrah City or at Zaya Observatory during the Haunting. However, his location won’t be the same in every match. As long as you load into a playlist with Al Mazrah at night, you can find where the Diablo boss is by zooming out on the map and looking for an Altar of Lilith icon.

The Butcher Location
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One of the dead giveaways for the Lilith ritual site is a giant red skull in the sky and plenty of ominous red flames. When you find the location itself, the Butcher won’t be at the ritual sites by default. Instead, you’ll have some work to do that involves taking out hordes of the undead and making some sacrifices to Lilith herself.

I also highly recommend attacking any of these bosses in DMZ. I killed The Butcher in both Warzone and DMZ, so I had the chance for both modes. If you have the equipment to spare, survival in DMZ is much more likely without all the chaos at hand.

How to Beat The Butcher in Warzone for The Haunting

Lilith Altars in Warzone and DMZ
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To defeat The Butcher, you must activate all five Altars of Lilith at the ritual site and then enter the portal to shoot down the boss himself. Each altar or statue requires you to manually activate it and then kill any of the zombies that appear. When each wave gets wiped out, the pentagram in the center of the site starts to fill up. After all five lines are lit, the portal in the center will open.

After you enter the portal, it’s time to fight The Butcher. He’s basically a bullet sponge, and you can aim for the stomach, the back, or the head. Just watch out for his charges that semi-stun you or his slam when he gets angry, which causes an AOE ring in the arena. And if you run out of ammo, just kill the zombies surrounding you. They drop plenty of plates and supplies. Before you know it, The Butcher transmog is yours.

If you just started the event, read my full list of locations for all The Haunting bosses in Warzone and DMZ.

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