MW2 and Warzone The Haunting Event: All Rewards and Modes

Soul capture some camos
The Haunting MW2 and Warzone
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The Haunting event has been the biggest event for Call of Duty in the last three titles and Modern Warfare 2 is no different. This year both MW2 and Warzone have plenty of spooky rewards to collect that span the second half of October as we get closer to Halloween.

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All Rewards in Warzone and MW2 The Haunting Listed

You can earn rewards during the Haunting event in three ways: The Soul Capture event screen, Operation Nightmare, and the daily login bonuses. Soul Capture has the best rewards by far, but half of them are also reserved for week 2. That gives you ample time to collect everything and prepare your loadouts for Halloween.

The Haunting Rewards MW2 and Warzone
Screenshot by Prima Games.

All Soul Capture Event Rewards Listed:

  • Gone Batty – Weapon Sticker
  • Skullified – Emblem
  • Bit Corny – Weapon Charm
  • Creature Copter – Vehicle Skin
  • Alien Death Ray – GS Weapon Blueprint
  • Join Me – Loading Screen
  • Double Weapon XP
  • Bad Luck? – Charm
  • Carved Up – Weapon Sticker
  • Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Violent End – Vaznev-9k Blueprint
  • Treats – Roze Operator Skin
  • Tricks – Konig Operator Skin
  • Emblem – Coming October 24
  • Charm – Coming October 24
  • Weapon Sticker – Coming October 24
  • Calling Card – Coming October 24
  • Battle Pass Tier Skip – Coming October 24
  • Ghoulie – Final Event Reward Camo (Coming October 24)

All The Haunting Daily Rewards Listed:

  • Happy Pumpkin – Weapon Charm
  • Evil Goat – Emblem
  • Double Weapon XP
  • Eye Contact – Weapon Sticker
  • War Snake – Calling Card
  • Triplets Kinda – Weapon Sticker
  • Hell’s Army – Loading Screen
  • Double Battle Pass XP
  • Halloween Witch – Weapon Sticker
  • Nightmare Sweats – Bryson 800 Blueprint (Final Reward)

All Operation Nightmare Rewards:

  • The Butcher Calling Card
  • BAS-P Weapon Blueprint

Remember that all of these cosmetics will transfer to Modern Warfare 3 and the next year of Warzone, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on some of the Mastery rewards.

Every Mode in The Haunting Event for MW2 and Warzone

The Haunting Modes MW2
Screenshot by Prima Games.

To make grinding out souls more interesting, both Multiplayer and Warzone will get their own modes that you can jump into to celebrate The Haunting.

All MW2 The Haunting Modes Listed:

  • Haunting Domination
  • Haunting Kill Confirmed
  • Haunting Grind
  • The Haunting 24/7 Moshpit
  • Haunting Drop Zone Drop Scares
  • Haunting Infected

All Warzone the Haunting Modes Listed:

  • The Haunting: Operation Nightmare – This mode is where you can find most of the Halloween-themed bosses
  • The Haunting: Vondead
  • Zombie Royale
  • The Haunting: Vondead Lockdown

Make sure to get your matches in because the event is over shortly after Halloween. You can expect the event to end on November 2, which gives you at least one more day if you loaded up on a few too many Kit-Kats and witch potions.

Even after Halloween ends, we can still look forward to the zombies headed to Modern Warfare 3.

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