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How to Get the Weapon Case in Koschei Complex COD DMZ

Two bosses stand in your way.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Koschei Complex

Koschei Complex is an entirely new zone for players to conquer in the Call of Duty DMZ, and that means there is another Weapon Case to collect. This case is on par with the one from Building 21 in terms of difficulty and there are plenty of steps to follow for a successful extraction.

I went into the Koschei Complex more than a few times and was able to carry out a Weapon Case after some very long deployments when compared to other maps. The road to the case is certainly tough, but it’s possible with decent equipment and the knowledge of what is waiting.

COD DMZ – How to Extract the Koschei Complex Weapon Case

To reach the complex, you must enter one of the four bunker entrances in Al Mazrah. Two are in the main city, one is in Rohan Oil, and the last one is in the Oasis ruins near Taraq. Three of them are marked by white question marks and they lead to the real Koschei Complex.

Once you spawn into one of the four locations, your path into the center of the complex will change depending on where you entered. One is submerged in water, for example, while another tasks players with finding jumper cables and a car battery to open the bunker door. Either way, they all lead to the center Kochei Complex room in COD DMZ, which is almost pitch black.

After you enter this area, make your way to the center where there are tons of vents scattered around. Search each of the vents by crouching in, and look on the ground for a Factory Admin Key. Once you have it, keep following the far walls until your find the Factory Admin. Use the key here to open up the area, which has the Koschei Complex Weapon Case.

This is just the start though. Next, you must make your way to the other side of the admin, starting with the left-side doorway. When you’ve made the full route, the Rhino, and the Sniper bosses will spawn. Take down the Rhino, then take the stairs to the balcony room above to fight the sniper. Avoid the lasers and defuse the C4.

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After the Sniper has been dealt with, he will drop a Secured Room key. Pick this up and use it to open up the side room on the balcony. Inside is the Koschei Complex Weapon Case in COD DMZ.

Koschei Complex Weapon Case Location:

  • Open up the Factory Admin with a Key found in the Chemical Plant.
  • Run to the other side of the admin room.
  • Take down the Rhino and the Sniper bosses.
  • Use the reward key to take the Weapon Case.

Of course, you need to extract the case to officially claim the reward, but extracting is the easiest part of the complex once Operators and bosses are dealt with. Just don’t run out of time in the DMZ.

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