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How to Defeat the Rhino Boss in COD DMZ

Move out of the way!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Rhino DMZ

So you’ve entered the Factory Admin within the Koschei Complex and you’re up against some impossible odds within the crowded corridors. If you’ve made your way to the end of the massive room, then that means the Rhino boss and the Sniper have appeared as a final fight.

Compared to the other bosses in Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, or even Building 21, the Rhino can seem like a much tougher fight. At first, I thought I was missing a mechanic to take him down, but it just requires some persistence, and I’ll go over exactly how to defeat the Rhino boss in this DMZ guide.

COD DMZ – How to Defeat the Rhino Boss

Once you reach the end of the Factory Admin room in the Koschei Complex, both bosses will appear at the same time. The Sniper will be up on the second floor with his rifle, and the Rhino boss will be in the center of the huge room. You can pick him out from the rest of the enemies by the riot shield on his back and the green laser on his weapons.

When the shooting starts in the DMZ, the Rhino will toss smoke around the room and more soldiers will appear. Make sure to take out any additional enemies before engaging. From there, the key is really to just do as much damage as possible. Cluster mines, anti-armor rounds, and high capacity weapons are your best friend.

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Keeping your distance is also important because the Rhino boss in the COD DMZ is all about rushing you with melee weapons. That means getting some shots in and running away will save you from a quick death. Munitions boxes will also be a huge help because the Rhino will need more than a few hundred bullets to take down.

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