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How to Open the Bunker Door in the Koschei Complex COD DMZ

This is just the beginning.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Koschei Complex COD DMZ

The Koschei Complex is the latest extraction zone for players to explore in the Call of Duty DMZ mode, but there is much more to the area than simply exploring. In a similar fashion to Building 21, you’ll need to find a way to enter the complex, and if you’ve already done that, then another bunker door stands in your way within the Koschei Complex.

Although finding an entrance to the complex can be tough, the door will at least open free of charge. On the other hand, the bunker door that waits for you inside will not open on its own and the power doesn’t work other, but I’ve opened the door myself in the DMZ and now I can outline the process for you as well.

COD DMZ – How to Open the Bunker Door in the Koschei Complex

When you enter this new area, you will load into a separate instance like Building 21, but with more steps. After you’ve loaded in, there will be plenty of dangerous corridors, and the lights are still on. As you explore the hallways, you’ll eventually reach a room at the end of the red arrows with a massive bunker door like the entrance.

The door won’t move on its own, and you can find the button to open the door on the right side of the wall. However, the power is off in this section of the Koschei Complex. On the right side of the room, near the button, there is an electrical box that says parts are missing when you approach. Luckily, this part of the puzzle isn’t too bad.

Opening the Bunker Door in the Koschei Complex:

  • Two items are required to open the door and they need to be placed on the electrical box.
  • You need jumper cables and a car battery to turn the power back on.
  • Both of these items can be found on shelves or tables in the Koschei Complex.
  • Hit the button next to the bunker door after turning on the power to open the door.

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From here, you can enter the real complex, which is much darker and requires a flashlight or night vision goggles. Enemies and areas will get much tougher from this point on in the COD DMZ, so come prepared for a fight.

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