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How to Enter Koschei Complex in COD DMZ

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Just like Building 21, the Koschei Complex zone has been added to the Call of Duty DMZ mode in a mid-season update. Season 3 Reloaded gives DMZ players yet another chance to search dangerous corridors in the hope of finding powerful loot or new weapons.

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What separates Building 21 from the bunkers is that players will have to find them in Al Mazrah rather than loading into a match. Koschei Complex has multiple entrances scattered around Al Mazrah, and after doing plenty of tests on my own, I can tell you where some of those spots are in the DMZ.

Where to Find the Kocschei Complex in DMZ

To enter the Koschei Complex in DMZ, use the entrances in the south of Al-Mazrah City or the west of Al-Mazrah City near Taraq Village. The easiest entrance to use is located in Al Mazrah city where the usual parking garages can be found. If you enter the parking garage, you can find a stairwell leading to a broken wall. The Koschei Complex will be on the other side.

There are two other locations that include Rohan Oil and the Taraq Oasis. Rohan Oil has its own question mark for the Koschei Complex in DMZ, but the Oasis is a secret. Check the ruins south of the Taraq Oasis and you will find an underground system with a fourth bunker.

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The best news is that no keys are required to enter the Koschei Complex. Once you find any of the entrances in Al Mazrah, you can simply enter the complex, which brings you into an entirely different instance, like Building 21. However, it’s more complicated than you might think, and flashlights and gas masks are a good idea for the COD DMZ.

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