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How to Open the Factory Admin Door in Koschei Complex DMZ

No door is too tough.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
COD DMZ Factory

Any extraction zone in the Call of Duty DMZ comes with plenty of locked doors and zones that are considered denied access for any Operator. With new zones like the Koschei Complex, there are all kinds of secrets to uncover, and one of the most important locked doors is the Factory Admin door.

You won’t find this location unless you’ve entered the dark bunker section of the Koschei Complex. Once you’ve reached this area, there will be some locations that are free to enter and others like the Factory Admin that are sealed off, but I’ve entered myself and I’m here to help you do the same.

COD DMZ – How to Open the Factory Admin Door in Koschei Complex

The first step to accessing this area is to have a key. So far, there doesn’t seem to be a way to craft the key, but there are Buy Stations. Unfortunately, one of them is in the Factory Admin itself, so that one won’t be viable. Instead, you’ll have to rely on luck. I found a key by searching containers in the area of Koschei before the main bunker door. I also found one by taking out enemy squads in Al Mazrah. Regardless of the method, luck has to be on your side.

Once you have a key, opening the Factory Admin door may not be obvious. Simply walking up to the door and holding the unlock won’t work as it does on most locked containers or entrances. For this specific door, you must look at the box on the right side of the door. There will be two slots, and one already has a key at the bottom. Add the second key to the slot above it and now you can open up the door.

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Keep in mind that this entire area is a maze. Even reaching the Factory Admin is a test on its own. Be ready for a boss fight with the Rhino inside and try to keep track of your pathing. Otherwise, you could end up dead to Radiation before you ever find your way out in the COD DMZ.

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