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How to Get and Use Night Vision Goggles in COD DMZ

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
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We knew that the Koschei Complex was on the way in the Call of Duty DMZ with the launch of Season 3 Reloaded and one of the defining reveals was the need for flashlights or night vision goggles. When you enter the bunker for the first time this season, you’ll see just how necessary some extra vision really is.

As a new item in Season 3 Reloaded though, the night vision goggles can feel more elusive than usual, and even using them can feel clunky. I had to search around my inventory for a few minutes before I even found the right way to turn the gear on, and now I can cover that here. Here’s how to get and use Night Vision Goggles in Call of Duty DMZ.

COD DMZ – How to Get and Use Night Vision Goggles

Before trying to use the goggles, you need to find them in the first place. There are two main methods for getting this equipment in Al Mazrah. The most consistent method is simply heading to the Koschei Complex in COD DMZ and searching as much of the area as you can. Plenty of containers and shelves will have a chance to spawn the night vision goggles.

If you want to reach the bunker with full preparation, you can even get a hold of the goggles around Al Mazrah. For this method, your best bet is to craft the goggles by using the Al Mazrah Barter Recipes at any Buy Station. The recipe can be found below.

COD DMZ Night Vision Goggles Recipe:

  • 1 Aged Wine
  • 2 Emergency Rations

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After you’ve acquired some goggles for the Koschei Complex, it’s time to use them. They aren’t equipped like a gas mask, or used like a Field Upgrade. Instead, you must open your inventory, scroll over the goggles, and toggle the activation from there. To turn them off, the same method is required. Just keep in mind that high-zoom optics can also deactivate them in the COD DMZ as well.

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