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How to Get a Tempered Vest in DMZ

Save on plates.

Four new Plate Carriers were added to the Call of Duty: DMZ mode, and while three of them offer up some fresh perks, it is the Tempered Vest that players may be familiar with. This vest appeared in the previous Warzone, and it allows players to reach three plates with the use of only two.

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In other words, you can save on plates and reach your full armor potential with just two plates loaded into the vest. Of the four new carriers, the Tempered Vest appears to be the most difficult to get next to the 3-Plate Stealth Vest, and for good reason. I use this vest when I know I’ll be in some heated fights, and I can help you get one too.

COD DMZ – How to Get a Tempered Vest

The only reliable way to find the Tempered Vest in Al Mazrah is to kill the Pyro boss. Along with the Scavenger boss, the Pyro is brand new and can be found in two different areas depending on the match. You will either find the Pyro at the Al-Malik Airport or in Al Mazrah City at the Embassy and the Post Office. Which of these places he will appear in is random.

The Pyro is one of the toughest bosses in the game but killing him will reward you with the Tempered Vest in DMZ and a KV Broadside shotgun. If you are looking for the Scavenger, you will have a chance for other Plate Carriers, but because the Scavenger is easier, the Tempered Vest does not usually appear here. I recommend taking on the Pyro when he appears at the Embassy.

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Another option to get the powerful vest is to head over to Ashika Island in COD DMZ. Buy Stations on Ashika Island will have the option to craft the two-plate vests, which are not available in Al Mazrah. To craft the Plate Carrier, you will need a few different items on hand.

COD DMZ Tempered Vest Recipe:

  • 1 Sensitive Documents
  • 1 Classified Documents
  • 2 Documents

As you can tell, you will need a handful of papers to make the vest, and some of them are rare finds. Spend some time on the island and you will eventually find the documents you need. Or you could always take down Operators and take one of the vests for yourself.

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