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Where to Find the Scavenger Boss in DMZ

He's looking for you as well.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Season 3 of the Call of Duty: DMZ mode brings a couple of fresh bosses for players to take on in the hopes of some valuable loot or powerful equipment. Unlike bosses in the past seasons though, new ones like the Scavenger won’t have fixed locations for you to search in every single deployment.

To reach the Scavenger Boss, you’re going to need some patience and a keen eye along with decent weapons to help you make it out alive. Our COD DMZ guide will cover where this new boss will spawn in a given deployment and what kind of loot you can expect with a victory.

COD DMZ – Scavenger Boss Location

The Scavenger Boss can be found near Hafid Port or the Quarry in Al Mazrah, and the shores of Ashika Island. Out of the two roaming bosses in the extraction zones, this one is all about stealing your loot and living up to his own name. His goal is to scavenge the battlefield for any and all loot, which means he’s looking for dead Operators. In other words, you need to find some dead Operators to help lure the boss or get him out of hiding.

Once some enemy Operators start to fall, the Scavenger Boss will look for their backpacks to take their dog tags and any other valuables they might have. In order to take full advantage of this, you can attempt to get first blood in the match, or jump in a fast vehicle and be on the lookout for eliminated enemies.

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When you get close to the Scavenger Boss, there will be an alert on your screen. You’ll be able to see a boss skull icon in the vicinity that has a perimeter around it. Within the perimeter, you’ll find the boss and all of his soldiers with some beefed-up armor. What I found to work best was keeping your distance with snipers and picking off as much damage as you can. At range, this boss won’t pose much of a threat. Once the fight is over, you can take your Gold Skull and all the other loot before moving on.

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