All Ares Island Guardians in Sonic Frontiers

No Gods of War here, just Bots of Yore

Sonic Frontiers has you facing off against Guardians, big-ass robots with vague themes and matching names, all throughout its adventure. You can even re-fight them if you want since they constantly respawn. Weird behavior for boss fights but sure, go off, Sonic Team. Anyway, each Island has its own group of Guardians to fight, which you can find throughout the maps as crossing sword icons. After you get all the Chaos Emeralds, you also get to fight a Titan, one of these things but building-sized. If you want to make sure you’ve taken ‘em all down, here’s a list of Ares Island Guardians in Sonic Frontiers.


Tank looks about what you’d expect for a mysterious robot called “Tank.” But the fight against it includes a bit of a twist. Tornados are involved, to say the least. You can read our guide on how to beat the Tank Guardian right here.


How to Beat the Sumo Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

This boss fight fits its name quite well. You fight Sumo in an enclosed ring, and have to push it around in order to get the win. For more details on how to beat Sumo, you can check out our guide.


Strider seems to give a lot of people problems if they aren’t prepared or good at just sight-reading things. If you need help figuring out what the heck to do against the Strider Guardian, well, guide.


It’s a shaaaaark, it’s a shaaaaaark, suc- nevermind. This is your typical videogame sand shark sort of deal, which is a weirdly prominent trope in games now that I think about it. Here’s a little guide on how to beat the Shark Guardian if you want some assistance.

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After all the Guardians (and Chaos Emeralds), you’ll fight the Ares Island Titan, called Wyvern. We have a guide on how to take that sucker down as well, which you can check out right here.

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