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Felwinter’s Lie Is Returning In Destiny 2

by Liana Ruppert

Come one, come all, because the Guardian Games event is now live in Destiny 2 and comes baring a friendly competitive spirit and some sweet, sweet loot. In addition to the latest event, the team over at Bungie also outlined what they have coming up on the horizon, which means dataminers immediately came out to play and see what secrets they could uncover. It’s within that hunt that it was discovered that the controversial Destiny 1 weapon Felwinter’s Lie shotgun looks to be making its triumphant return and now a new entry seems to confirm the previous leak. 

What Makes Felwinter’s Lie Controversial? 

The Felwinter’s Lie was a legendary shotgun that players first equipped in the first Destiny and up until this point, it hasn’t been brought back into the shooter’s sequel. This shotgun was controversial because it was so powerful. Those players that didn’t absolutely love it for its insane levels of accuracy and scope hated it, calling it over-powered. Players could also make this weapon even more powerful with the right perk, giving this gun’s already impressive range a deadly boost. 

Another reason why it was met with mixed reception was because it was difficult to get so for those that didn’t have the time – or the desire – to grind missed out, making going up against someone that did have this shotgun equipped pretty much done for. This weapon was a source of awe and frustration, though if a gun is that difficult to get than it should absolutely have insane amounts of power – otherwise, it’s just a normal weapon. 

When Does Felwinter’s Lie Return? 

We don’t know when the shotgun is to make its return in Destiny 2 but a new file entry has been spotted for Felwinter’s Lie in addition to a brand new Quest, and the entries were found in the latest update to the game that went live on Tuesday. Also found was a Shot Package, a perk that previously made the shotgun more accurate and more impactful, especially in terms of insta-kills and insta-kills from impressive distances. 

Destiny 2 players have been working on frames for a plethora of weapons in the game and that framework also applies to the Shot Package. Instead of a perk in its normal sense, it will be implemented to the design as a frame instead of a normal slot like Felwinter fans are used to. 

Upcoming Mission Spoiler Warning 

A Redditor took to the Destiny 2 forums to share the Felwinter’s Lie file names in addition to a new Quest called The Lie. The official description is labeled “Visit Ana on Mars to obtain quest \”The Lie.\” with a Hash attached. With the grouping, it’s safe to say that taking on The Lie is the opening quest to begin the hunt for Felwinter’s acquisition. 

While the filenames have been found within the game itself, the return of this legendary shotgun still hasn’t technically been confirmed by Bungie and we don’t have an image to see what it will look like in terms of aesthetic updates or if it will just be a Destiny 1 drop to keep up continuity. Either way, it’s safe to say that Bungie is continuing with their constant updates to keep Guardians tuned in and engaged. 

What do you think about Felwinter’s Lie returning in Destiny 2? Love it or leave it? Any other weapons from the first shooter that you’d like to see make their way into the sequel? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames! You can also check out our Game Hub here to learn more! For those that haven’t scooped up a copy yet, you can do so here with this link to get the game for yourself while supporting Prima Games as the same time! 

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