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Destiny 2 Downloadable Cheats Are Destroying PCs, Bungie Issues New Warning

by Liana Ruppert

Cheating in online games is bad, but it can also be bad for your computer as Bungie warns against new Destiny 2 hacks. While cheating in online games is nothing new – even though it is self-defeating and the in-game equivalent to patting your own self on your back – sometimes those cheats do more than just harm the organic play experience. Sometimes they can destroy your entire setup, which is exactly what Bungie is talking about with a new malware that is being used in a popular cheats download going around right now. 

Dylan Gafner, the community manager for Destiny 2, took to Twitter to warn against the most recent cheat found: 

In his warning, he told fans “We’ve been seeing some chatter on cheats with incredibly high download counts. Our security team asked me to relay that some of the downloads being discussed include aggressive malware. Please be careful not to help spread harmful links.” 

He also added the link to report suspected cheating. 

Despite many updates and amazing content creation, one area that is still a sore spot for Destiny 2 players, including myself, is the seemingly ineffective cheat protection services offered in their online game. It seems that cheating and hacks are wildly prevelant, much more than the common online game, which some are saying is the reason why the “popular download” spread so fast: not to actually download, but to show how easy it is to effectively break the game. 

Bungie has outlined numerous plans in the past to remedy this, though the number of hackers hasn’t seemed to be too impacted by even their most recent efforts. 

As for the game itself, Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia. You can learn more about the space shooter right here with our game hub, including news, tips, tricks, and even some cool cosplay! 

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