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How to Get Suros Regime in Destiny 2

by Ginny Woo

Wanting a bit of a break from just farming the triumphs needed to pick up the Almighty title in Destiny 2? We fully understand. Why not take a break and go back to the real basics of being a Guardian? We’re talking about getting your hands on some sick weapons. Here’s our guide on how to get SUROS Regime in Destiny 2.

How to Get SUROS Regime in Destiny 2

The SUROS Regime is a bit of a Destiny classic for veteran Guardians. Not only has this made a return in Destiny 2 after being a bit of standout in the original, it was kicking around in Warmind and looks like it’s begun to make another resurgence in the game once more. The tagline for this particular Exotic is particularly apt considering its sleek lines: we’re talking about a real kicker like “Nostalgia as a weapon of war. Style as a hallmark of victory.” If you’re someone who wants to get your mitts on this weapon now, it’s reasonably easy because of the way that Guardians are rewarded with engrams for completing repeatable tasks.

Yes, if you’re someone who wants to get the SUROS Regime, then you can pick it up from Exotic Engrams and Powerful Engrams as well. You’ll get multiple chances at this and other Exotics that can be earned the same way thanks to the repeatable nature of the tasks that award you with the Engrams, so our advice would be to just keep at it until you’re rewarded with the particular loot that you’re looking for. Why do we reckon that you might want to know how to get SUROS Regime in Destiny 2? We like it because of SUROS Legacy, which allows the weapon to give you health back if you’re being particularly deadly on the battlefield; the bottom half of each magazine deals bonus damage and can return health to you when you kill things, 

Now that you have our tips and advice on how to get SUROS Regime in Destiny 2, you too can count yourself as a proud owner of a cool-looking Auto Rifle. Yes, yes, not everyone at once. The SUROS Regime being a returning candidate from the original Destiny game is pretty cool in our opinion, so we think the hard work is well worth it to pick up this gun. If you don’t yet own Destiny 2 and you’re getting a bit nostalgic for the days of shooting things in the head in space after a premier Destiny experience, why not pick it up using this Amazon link here and support Prima Games at the same time? If we can’t quite convince you then maybe this Shaxxercise video showing off the very essence of style in Destiny 2 will help you make up your mind – we’ve also written about the fitness initiative here

Once you’re done, you can come right back to our dedicated guides hub for Destiny 2 and check out the various tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for Guardians just like you, even if you’ve had a bunch of experience:

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