If you're someone who wants to crack through and get the Destiny 2 Almighty title so that you can flex to your mates, then you're definitely not alone. It's a highly coveted thing amongst all Guardians, and we can help you pick it up if you're smart about it. By smart about it, we mean that you're going to need to check everything off the Destiny 2 Almighty title triumphs list that we've put together for your benefit. 

Destiny 2 Almighty Title Triumphs List

If you're someone who wants to pick up the Destiny 2 Almighty title this season, then we reckon you've got some work to do. It's not just as simple as shooting your way through a bunch of things, but, well, it maybe mostly is. If you're not yet up to date on what the secret triumph needed for the Almighty title is then we actually have a whole other guide on that which we've relinked here for your convenience - go check it out! We're going to take a bit of a detour here through the list of triumphs that you need for the title and explain what you have to do for each one below:

  • Algorithm Efficiency - To complete Algorithm Efficiency, all you have to do is to complete three Seraph Bunkers in one day. 
  • Full-Stack Warmind Security - In order to get this particular triumph, you have to upgrade all of the Seraph Bunkers that are available to you, including the EDZ Seraph Bunker, the Moon Seraph Bunker, and the Io Seraph Bunker.
  • Object-Oriented - If you're wanting to show off an attention to detail, you have to finish a Legendary Lost Sector without dying. This shouldn't be too hard for you to do.
  • Resolved Bugs: EDZ Legendary Lost Sectors - You have to complete every Lost Sector in the EDZ, which will comprise of Scavenger's Den, Skydock IV, and The Quarry.
  • Resolved Bugs: Moon Legendary Lost Sectors - You have to complete every Lost Sector on the Moon, which will comprise of K1 Logistics, the K1 Crew Quarters, and K1 Communion.
  • Resolved Bugs: Io Legendary Lost Sectors - You have to complete every Lost Sector on Io, which will comprise of Aphix Conduit, Sanctum of Bones, and the Grove of Ulan-Tan.
  • Hardcoded Victory (Secret Triumph) - If you want to complete this secret triumph, you just have to wait until 21 April when the game has its next refresh. When that happens, you'll have to complete a Seraph Tower public event without failing any Support Tower charge cycles to net this last one. 

Now that you have our Destiny 2 Almighty title triumphs list to hand, it should be a little easier for you to check all of them off as soon as April 21 rolls around and kicks through. You can tick off pretty much every other item on the list aside from the secret triumph so why not use your time wisely until then to finish off everything that's humanly (Guardianly?) possible. If you're not yet a proud owner of Destiny 2, we reckon that you should take our advice and pick it up from somewhere like this Amazon link so that you can support Prima Games at the same time if you like. Sounds handy, yeah? 

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